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Alternative to multi-master replication between local and cloud db when writes are infrequent and only 1 db at a time

Background: I have a closed-source app on my laptop that saves its data in a local SQLite database. I'm working on creating a mobile app for myself that would replicate the functionality of the ...
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Polyglot Persistence and Data Redundancy

I am building a project that will have a recommendation model I built with TensorFlow. I am using MongoDB as my main database but I read about graph databases like neo4j and some people say that it ...
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Scaling from Multiple Database to Single Database Architecture in SQL Server

My application is centered around self-contianed "workspaces". For many really good reasons (everything from management to security), we have always had a one-database-per-workspace ...
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Separating a single database into one user/transaction database and one time series database

My project involves storing sensor data (time series data) in db. There are about 5,000 sensors, each is sending data at 15 min to 1 hour interval. The existing service is using a single db, storing ...
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Handling multiple users/ databases in postgres

Whats the best way to organize seperate companies/users in postgres? I've developed a multi user platform, where users have access to only their companies data. I'm no DB engineer and initially the ...
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How do I set up one server to replicate X schemas from X different server, without resorting to mysqldump?

In other words; I'm trying to figure out how to restore multiple mariabackup dumps to one server (different databases). I assume I'm missing something obvious in the documentation, but I've been ...
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Linking foreign keys across multiple databases: direct, or using an intermediary table?

I want to make a part of my application reusable, and that warrants moving the corresponding tables into a separate database. So for the sake of an example, please consider the two imaginary databases ...
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Consistency of data between two databases on different server

I have to guarantee consistency of data stored in two databases installed on different servers. The first one is a MySQL database and the second is a SQL Server database. Data properties are not the ...
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Does it matter which database you connect to when querying across multiple databases?

I'm building a Sharepoint application with Nintex workflow that runs a single SQL query over multiple databases (on the same MS SQL server). Does it matter which database I specify in the connection ...
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How to scale with MySQL (when not ready to scale properly)

We are using MySql. My situation I have a large number of tables with millions of rows each. Those tables are updated every second and are used both for adding info and retrieving info. Each table ...
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I dont know where to begin: mysql select with inner selects on iterations too slow with bigger tables ( 4 tables on 2 databases)

Kontext is easy: A) A [discussion-thread.db1] has many [Posts.db1] B) each Post has an [author.db2] and 1 to 10 [attachments.db1] Additional Information: discussion, posting & attachment's-...
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SQL SERVER: Header Blocker Across Multiple Databases with wait type CXCONSUMER

We have an instance of SQL Server which has multiple databases. A process in one database seems to be blocking a process in another database. When I look in activity monitor I can see a header blocker ...
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