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Mysql Workbench 8 doesn't detect the my.ini file for my MySql 5.7 server. How can I point it to the correct file? [duplicate]

I upgraded MySql workbench to version 8. I'm running MySql Server 5.7. When I open the options file in workbench it says it cannot locate a file for MySql 8 and that it will create one in the path C:\...
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How to properly configure my.ini for MySQL? [closed]

I've just installed on my new server MySQL 5.0.24 64bit (till now i've used same version of MySQL but 32bit on another server), on the old server i've changed in my.ini the parameters of ...
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How to change MySQL 8.0 data folder. Can I use OneDrive folders?

I'm trying to create a DataBase for a very little program that just I and 2 more friends use, so the database will be little. What I want to do is to share this database with these 2 friends, so I ...
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Cannot find innodb_page_size option in [mysqld] section in my.ini file

Where can I find innodb_page_size option? Since I cannot find it in [mysqld] section in my.ini file. I want to change it to 32k or 64k since I am getting the below error: MySQL: Error Code: 1118 ...
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innodb_page_size is not present in [mysqld] section in my.ini file in MySQL Server 8.0?

I have to edit the innodb_page_size to 32K but I cannot find innodb_page_size in [mysqld] section in my.ini file. I am using MySQL Server 8.0.13. Where can I find it?
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MySQL: I would like to export the "description" of the MySQL Server variables to a csv [closed]

I need a CSV with all the MySQL Server Variables and a basic description of what the variable means. Like you can find here: I know ...
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Not Able to Increase InnoDB Buffer Pool Size in Mysql

I am facing a very rare problem with my DB. I have Windows Server with 64 GB RAM but I am not able to increase innodb buffer pool size in mysql. Current InnoDb buffer pool Size : 1.6G When I ...
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How can I check the path of my.ini, through the command line?

I would like to know, if possible, how to display (using the command line) the path to my.ini used by the server. I am using MySQL 5.6 inside a windows IIS. I have the following: Program Files\...
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`lc_time_names` has no effect

I have a Windows MySQL server running (5.6), and in the my.ini file I have the following directive under [mysqld]: lc_time_names = 'fr_FR'; But it has ZERO effect. When I start up the server, all ...
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