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Questions tagged [mysql-innodb-cluster]

MySQL's high-availability, multi-master, replication clustering solution for the InnoDB storage engine with automatic failover

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mysql innodb cluster 3 nodes, 2 lagging almost 24 hours

I have a 3 node setup and the 2 read only nodes are way behind (like 24 hours) from the rw node.. I saw here: to restart the lagging node and will pick up by ...
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MySQL InnoDb Cluster Replication Issue

I am trying to setup MySQL InnoDB Cluster. I am using version 5.7.20 of the MySQL server. I am able to create a cluster. When I try to add the first slave is when I run into my issue. It complains ...
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MySQL InnoDB cluster pricing

On, the InnoDB Cluster is listed as part of the MySQL community edition, but when clicking the "Download MySQL Community Edition" link and further, I end up ...
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InnoDB Cluster Read-Only Lag Behind Writer

For software testing purposes, I'm using MySQL v5.7 and MySQL Router with a sandbox deployment of an InnoDB cluster with one read-write instance and two read-only instances. I'd like to be able to ...
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mysqld slowly eats memory

Summary My company recently deployed mysql innodb cluster as a backend database system using docker. To be exact, the cluster was deployed on Oct 3rd, so it has been almost two months. Recently, ...
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how to resolve innodb cluster conflict

I am currently maintaining an innodb cluster with three nodes. It runs well but sometimes one node will be MISSING then I have to bring it up online again. The problem is I inserted a table without ...
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Mysql Group replication vs Mysql Cluster

[disclaimer] I'm not new to databases but totally novice about replication and cluster ... As you may know Mysql made available a new functionality : MySql Group Replication. Is anyone can explain ...
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