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All versions of MySQL (not Microsoft SQL Server). Please also add a version-specific tag like mysql-5.7 if that is relevant to the question.

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In MySQL Workbench, insert a new column at the "top" of a table?

I must keep a table's columns as specified in a specification that changes quite often. In MySQL Workbench, adding a new columns after all the others is easy, but I can't find a way to insert a new ...
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MySQL : "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK" started automatically

I would like to understand how this happened. I was running a query that would take a long time, but should not lock up any table. However, my dbs were practically down - it seems like it was being ...
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41 votes
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MySQL DB import/export command line in Windows

How to export / import a database in MySQL through the command line? MySQL system configuration, WampServer server installed. OS: Windows The advice for my local host, not an live hosting...
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9 answers

Load-balanced MySQL cluster without load balancer

I'm looking to create a load-balanced MySQL cluster, but without the actual load-balancer, in order not to add another point of failure or complexity. What I was thinking was to have the following: ...
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Is there a tool like Microsoft's "SQL Server Profiler" for MySQL? [closed]

While developing on MySQL I really miss being able to fire up a profiler. I find SQLyog is a good enough replacement for Query Analyzer but have not found a tool that works like SQL profiler. For ...
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How do I completely disable MySQL replication

I am running dual master MySQL replication and now want to move to a single database with no replication. How do I completely disable replication on both databases?
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