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mysql router crashes what is the solution

we have a MySQL Router with 12 GB of RAM which must pass traffic to 3 databases. So it happens that the router crashes and does not process any traffic, we don't know why.
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Configuring High Availability for MySQL Router in a MySQL InnoDB Cluster

I've configured a MySQL InnoDB Cluster for high availability with two servers on a Windows system (Server 1: h01xxxxxxxxx1, IP:, Server 2: h01xxxxxxxxx2, IP:, running ...
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Load Balancing in mysql InnoDB cluster

I have set up an InnoDB cluster with one primary(R/W) and two secondaries (R/O) and bootstrapped a MySQL Router. The router has 2 port 6646(R/W port) and 6647(R/O) port. My application is currently ...
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MySqlRouter cant connect to MySqlServer

mysqlrouter service is running ports are listening tcp 0 0* LISTEN 6150/mysqlrouter tcp 0 0*...
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MySQL router on server with tomcat memory leak

Memory is slowly used by mysql router. I am running mysql router version 8.0.20 (I found there was a memory leak on mysql router 2.1.2 but mysql router 8.x is newer) I have a 3 node single-primary ...
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Is there a way to set different destination order with mysql-router?

I have innodb cluster setup with 3 mysql instances. Each instance is on different server and each server has mysql-router also. I would like each mysql-router on each server to try to connect to the ...
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SQL Router Not Applying Round Rubin

I configure sql router under three machines and found if I use simple command mysql -u ia -pTest@123 --port=7001 then its not applying round rubin connection request but when i use with protocol ...
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How to configure MySQL Router on two application servers?

I have three MySQL servers running with group replication and inside a InnoDB Cluster. I have two app servers that will be connecting to the cluster and I need to configure mysql router on both app ...
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MySQLRouter on Windows 10 Unable to connect to the metadata server

I have set up a set of three MySQL 8.0.17 databases using group replication. They are all on my Windows 10 PC, using ports 3306,3307,3308. I am now trying to set up mysqlrouter. I have installed it ...
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