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Non-deterministic is a definition for an algorithm that isn't guaranteed to return the same result for multiple executions, even with the same input. Results can vary from run to run

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Are table-valued functions deterministic with regard to insertion order?

Is insertion order deterministic in a TABLE-valued function which instantiates the table and populates it with successive inserts, assuming no ORDER BY clause is used? I needed to take a look at the ...
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Why can't I persist binary(4) computed column?

I'm playing with storing and indexing IP addresses. I'm starting with a simple, stupid table: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[IP_addresses]( [IP_as_text] [char](16) NOT NULL, [IP] AS ([dbo].[...
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Non-deterministic functions and row-based binary logging (MySQL)

Newbie questions. I'm working on a MySQL project that will use only row-level binary logging. There will be no replication. Since logging is row-level, does it even matter if a function is ...
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Why is casting a DATE field to VARCHAR datatype non-deterministic and is there a way to make it deterministic?

I'm trying to create an indexed view where the index is on a field in the view which is a hash of a bunch of the columns of the underlying table in the view. Here's an example: CREATE VIEW ...
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How can I identify non deterministic updates occurring in my SQL Server?

SQL Server books online states Use caution when specifying the FROM clause to provide the criteria for the update operation. The results of an UPDATE statement are undefined if the statement ...
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Deterministic function for getting today's date

I am trying to create an indexed view using the following code (so that I can publish it to replication it as a table): CREATE VIEW lc.vw_dates WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day,...
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