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Questions tagged [normalization]

Normalization is the process of organizing columns into tables within a relational database in such a way as to minimize redundancy and avoid insertion, update and deletion anomalies.

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Loading multiValued fields into Solr via flat file, and possibly value position preservation in those fields

A hobby web project of mine uses data from many sources, some flat, some highly normalized. My ETL process boils all sources down to one logical table (which is soon to include some multi-valued ...
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General Question on how to setup db's for a social networking site

I am currently responsible for designing the entire database setup for a start up website. It is quite a responsibility and I want to get it right, not only for the site, but for my own experience. ...
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16 votes
6 answers

Normalization: Is it considered compliant to split static, numeric values like a year into their own table?

I am having an interesting discussion with another database designer about normalization. In this example, we have a GameTitles table and each record must contain the year in which the game was ...
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Database Design Issues

My question consists of three parts: When can I be sure that my database design is perfect? Is returning to the database design to change some issues (i.e, adding new column, deleting a column, ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Using IDs from multiple tables in a single column

One of my co-workers created a schema similar to the following. This is a simplified schema including only the parts necessary to address this question. The system rules are as follows: ...
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Database Design for Airline Reservation System

I'm creating a very simple database system for an airline company, for learning purposes. Flight, passenger and payment are my entities and I've used relational format for the relationships between ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How can I losslessly decompose this table?

I have a table with the following PK (primary key): child_id integer parent_id integer date datetime child_id and parent_id are FKs (foreign keys) to entity tables. The child table also ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Storing arrays of integers in database (for efficient select)

I am creating a database that will store 100.000 (and probably more in the future) users. While this obviously happens in a table with 1 row per user, every user can (and will) store hundreds of items....
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8 votes
2 answers

Am I violating any NF rule on my database design?

I am a newbie on creating database... I need to create it for my recruitment web application. My application needs to schedule screenings, exams and interviews of applicants and save result in the ...
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7 votes
3 answers

When to apply normalization in database design

Prior to learning about normalization I would usually read the scenario/description in the requirements and draw up an ER diagram (using Chen's notation) using nouns as entities and verbs as clues to ...
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6 votes
8 answers

What is Atomic Relation in First Normal Form

I have read the definition of 1NF which is, "If each attribute of relation is atomic". Please tell me what is Atomic.
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5 votes
3 answers

Query to normalize table/combine row text

I have a table (call it oldTable) with columns like so: ID (int),Rank (int),TextLineNumber (int),SomeText (varchar) The primarykey is multi-part: ID+Rank+TextLineNumber. I'm trying to transform/...
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6 votes
1 answer

IIS access log to SQL normalization

I am looking for insert IIS 6.0 access log ( 5 servers, and over 400MB daily ) to SQL database. What scares me is the size. There is a lot of information you are duplicating (i.e. site name, url, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Multilingual Dictionary Database question

Let's say someone is coding a multilingual dictionary in PHP, and he wants to let people submit both words and definitions in English and Spanish, but wants to track it so they can be filtered. ...
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35 votes
5 answers

How far should you go with normalization?

I have a decent amount of data in a database. I have well formed tables and good relationships between them with some redundancy in my data. But how far should I go with normalization? Are there ...
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37 votes
3 answers

Duplicate column for faster queries?

The title doesn't make too much sense, but I couldn't think a better title for this problem. I have the following tables Projects id name Customers id id_project name Payments id id_customer ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Do higher normalized forms always meet the criteria of lower ones?

For example, a database that is 3NF is always 1NF and 2NF; does this hold for 4, 5, and 6?
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13 votes
2 answers

Normalization Exercise Resources

I want to sharpen my database normalization skills. Where can I find good quality beginner-to-advanced level exercises (with solutions) on the web ?
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3 answers

3NF Vs 2NF, which is more strict?

Which of these is true: If a table is in 2nd normal-form then it must be in 3rd normal-form. If a table is in 3rd normal-form then it must be in 2nd normal-form. I know only one of them is correct, ...
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