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How to convert array objects with object ids as one of key value pair to string?

I have the following JSON, How to convert an array of objects with object ids to string in MongoDB using aggregation query? { "_id": ObjectId("60e41eb7335412757cc6cb9a"), "...
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1 answer

How can i convert all object Ids to string using query in MongoDB, note the structure is complex, So can't use $toString in $addFields and $project?

I have a really deep-nested JSON object generated by aggregation query, but I want to convert all the object ids to string format. Tried $toString in $addFields and $project. Since the object is ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is it possible for master, tempdb, model and msdb to have a database_id other than 1,2,3,4 respectively?

SQL Server System Databases, as far as I know, always have those same IDs and I have seen lots of maintenance scripts on the internet relying on the predicate WHERE database_id > 4 to exclude them ...
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Unable to output data from tables in pgAdmin4 due to missing oid operator

I am currently running Postgresql 10.6 locally which I interface with using PgAdmin 4.12, up until today everything was running fine. However today I ran the following query in the pgAdmin query ...
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Is there a way to store int in ObjectID? [closed]

I'm trying to migrate MySQL user ids to MongoDB. user ids are incremental values like 1,2,3,4... Is there a way to store int in ObjectID?
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