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ODP.NET is the Oracle Data Provider for Microsoft.Net (Dot Net).

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ORA-12840: cannot access a remote table after parallel/insert direct load txn After Switching To Oracle.ManagedDataAccess

We are encountering a strange issue at work. For years we had a .NET Framework Windows service running with the Unmanaged Oracle Client (10.1.3001) with no problems at all. Recently, we decided to ...
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Does Visual Studio 2017 Community (.NET Framework 4.6.2) support Oracle 8i [closed]

Does Visual Studio 2017 Community (.NET Framework 4.6.2) support Oracle 8i? I am trying to connect with .NET Framework 4.6.2 to a production Oracle 8i database. I googled it, but I can not find ...
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Installed latest patch, now Oracle.DataAccess.dll is throwing Data provider internal error(-3000)

The latest Oracle patch: has been installed on the server running version We have .Net applications running ...
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In which extent can I use the Oracle Data Provider for .NET Managed Driver?

Good evening everybody, I am planing to dive into the oracle database world. Additionally, I want to develop some tools, which make my life easy by checking and modifying information in different ...
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I'm getting a PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception error but there's no error

We have a .net application that suddenly started hanging. The log indicates the error is an unhandled user-defined exception and gives a line number. We can't find any error in the function, yet it ...
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Oracle connection through visual studio

I installed oracle client 11.2.0 version in my machine and also installed Oracle data access providers for visual studio.I also installed Oracle Data Access I am trying to connect to the ...
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Oracle Database Client 11g R2 Installation Types, which components?

I need to know which component is under each installation type! Instant Client Administrator Runtime Custom (No need as it shows all the components) ALSO? does it includes ODP.NET? is it the ...
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