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Questions tagged [offline]

A database state wherein the database is completely inaccessible. An offline database can be brought back online to resume access.

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User does not have permission to alter database '', the database does not exist, or the database is not in a state that allows access checks

Our log file was full, so I made a mistake in trying to shrink it. My original thought was to move the log file to a different drive, shrink the log, then move it back. However, I did it incorrectly....
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Bringing an Availability Group online after taking it offline

Answer in the following thread says: activate Service Broker on a database in an Availability Group "You need to set RegisterAllProvidersIP to 0 Thereafter take the availability group offline and ...
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How does offline-first database design work?

I would like to make an offline-first To-do app which works on both the mobile app (SQLite) and the web app (PostgreSQL). The app will have these business models: User: id name created_datetime Todo:...
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Start mysqld.exe but as offline at the begining

How can I start my mysql server as usual using "./bin/mysqld.exe" on windows, but it has to be offline at the very begining? Right now when I start mysqld.exe, I always need to start Mysql ...
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Does an OFFLINE Database use space? [closed]

I took my SQL Server Database OFFLINE. Is it still occupying the same space as when it was ONLINE? Should I keep it OFFLINE or is it better to BACKUP the database and DROP it?
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Can a offline database be in use?

I have a SQL Server 2014 DB where the log file filled up the disk. Since it was a test db, we decided to just delete the whole database. We took it offline, but when we try to drop it, we get a ...
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How to display User Mapping for offline databases?

When I use the GUI (SSMS) to review the User Mapping, where the Login has mapping to a database that is offline (or otherwise not available) I get the message below and it only displays Mapping for ...
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Distributing MS Access Database

I develop an application that saves records in MS Access DB. Each user has it own DB copy on his local machine, and there is a central DB that reflects all the copies from everyone. The central DB is ...
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Can't change _log database physical location in SQL Server

I just installed Microsoft ServiceBus and it created 5 databases. Now I want to move them to some specific location so I can join them to SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability group. I stopped service bus ...
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Should an OFFLINE database be SET EMERGENCY before dropping?

As a rule before dropping a database I, SET OFFLINE, for 30 days before dropping it. If there is anything that was missed and the database is still needed, I can SET ONLINE quickly for a full restore....
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When was a Database taken Offline

I am trying to find a way to figure out when was couple of my sql databases were taken offline. I checked the the logs but could not find any such info and moreover there is no default trace enabled. ...
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