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Refers to the set of SQL Server Management Scripts created and maintained by Ola Hallengren. Questions tagged with this tag should be about how to use the scripts or about how to resolve an issue with the script.

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3 answers

Ola Hallengren solution, backups not cleaning up

I have about 30 SQL Server 2005-2014 instances, all of which use the excellent Ola Hallengran maintenance script to produce my full/diff/log backups. This has worked for me for years with no issues, ...
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Ola's maintenance solution is not processing sysjob* tables

I have used Ola Hallengren's script to back up and maintain databases. However, it does not perform any reindex or reorganize operations against certain tables in msdb, such as sysjobhistory, even ...
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Ola Hallengren Index Script not Reindexing

First, I realize a similar question was asked and the poster had page count set to 1000 for a 679 page index; not what's going on. I have Ola's script set as @Databases nvarchar(max) ,@...
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Backup to local and MIRROR TO Azure Files returns ERROR

I have an Azure VM with SQL Server 2014, with a local drive (X:) for storing backups. Using Ola Hallengren's scripts. I added an Azure Files share and tried to do a mirror backup, but I get the ...
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How to implement Ola Hallengren backup plan on the server for some databases nightly full backups and for other weekly full backup only

I recently implemented Ola Hallengren Maintenance solution on all of my production servers(SQL server 2005,2008,2008R2 and 2012). It works great. My problem is how to implement Ola Hallengren backup ...
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ola hallengren Index Maintenance script - GUID Index

We been running ola hallengren Index Maintenance script and was ran into a problem with some indexes that have GUID as the Index Key, They are Frag and have a page count of 6,309, but they don’t get ...
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How to update commands in Ola Hallengren's SQL Server jobs?

I am looking for an easy way to update the jobs that get created from Ola's MaintenanceSolution.sql script without having to completely delete and re-create them or having to modify each job ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Ola Hallengren index maintenance - long periods of time between commands?

I run the Ola Hallengren scripts on all of my servers for index and statistics maintenance. When I look through the command log table, I notice long periods of time between a command ending, and the ...
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Why is the lease locked for a some full sql backups to Azure Blob using Ola Hallengren backup scripts?

I'm using SQL Server 2012 and working on backing up to Azure Blob using Ola Hallengren backup scripts. Some backups are lease locked (ex. model) while others are not (ex. msdb). It's inconsistent, it ...
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Ola Hallengren with database mirroring

I am about to setup Ola Hallengrens database maintenance plan. We have our database mirrored and I was just wanting to know if I need to run the script on both my Sql Server instances or only the ...
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Allow developers to run database maintenance

We use the database solution by Ola Hallengren. We're trying to give our developers a way to run the maintenance stored procedures after they do an ETL. Our developers have locked down permissions. We'...
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Will Ola's default IndexOptimizer job update my stats?

I just installed Ola Hallengren's MaintenanceSolution.sql maintenance scripts. After looking at the output of the log generated by the IndexOptimize - USER_DATABASES job, I'm concerned that it's not ...
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