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Oracle Database 10g Release 2. Please also tag oracle for search purposes.

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Oracle 10g Database - SYSTEM tablespace space

I am concerned about the SYSTEM tablespace. It's space is 99% full. The whole tablespace has 1510 MB and there is 1507 MB already used. Max size of datafile is 32 GB and the autoincrement is on with ...
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Which java JDK is compatible with oracle instant client 10g

I'm an intern stuck trying to retrieve data from Oracle 8i (a database that is as as I am) The problem: I need to write a java script that pulls data from Oracle 8i into a newer server. The last ...
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Enterprise manager failed to start in oracle 10g

I am using oracle 10g with 4 instance with same server but one of them has failed to start Oracle Enterprise Manager and rest of three are working fine. Starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g ...
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Can I sync an existing database using a .dmp file?

I have two oracle databases (production and lab). When I created the lab database I imported a .dmp file from production to copy the data. Now that the database has been running for a while the data ...
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How to determine the biggest float value (in terms of used bytes) with SQL in Oracle?

I would like to know how to check out what is the biggest float value in terms of used bytes in a specific column. Oracle DB Version is 10.2.
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Large cost change in execution-plan why?

I had a query change execution plans for an unknown reason. The stats were gathered about 24 hours before the change and the rate of data increase has not changed over the period in question. Here is ...
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java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01410: invalid ROWID [duplicate]

I am getting java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01410: invalid ROWID for some of the rows. Here is my query. "select OP.PLU_LONG PROD_ID," + "OP.NEW_PRICE PRICE," + ...
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Apply job aborting with <1 granule size unable to allocate, ASMM on

all My team is trying to resolve an oracle issue we're seeing sporadically that is really causing us trouble. We have an update process that imports .dmp files via a package that utilizes an Apply ...
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Problem with SQL query

I have the following Problem: I want as output a specific document (TITLE) that contains two different terms (TERM). For example the title of a fairy tale, that contains the names of two different ...
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Why the optimizer does not use an Index Unique Scan?

I am on Oracle I have a big Index Organized Table (IOT) with 74 columns and over 345 million of rows. An external tool execute a batch where I cannot touch the source code. The critical ...
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2 answers

Setting the SMTP_OUT_PARAMETER in 10G at runtime

I am writing a procedure that will send mail from oracle 10g. I have installed the UTL_MAIL and UTL_SMTP packages and configured the SMTP_OUT_SERVER parameter. However the requirement is that the SMTP ...
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SQLPlus Padding in Query Results

I have several Oracle servers that exhibit a behavior I do not understand. I have identified a two node RAC in which one node exhibits the behavior, but the other node does not. RAC is not involved ...
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3 answers

rename datafile when file does not exists

I am trying to clone our production database in test virtual machine. Our production database works with ASM. I would like to use plain file system in test database. I created database, services, ...
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Does a standby slow down Oracle imp?

I have Oracle 10gR2 installed on Redhat Linux 5.4 on two servers (primary and physical standby). When I import data into the primary server while the standby is started it takes too long to complete (...
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Privileges needed for Oracle Text

I'm new to Oracle Text and I am using it to support a search feature in an application I have written. The everything seems to be working correctly except I'm not happy with the fact that I had to ...
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How to speed up a query with a lot of subqueries

I have a query which uses a series of functions to return the status of each document for a loan. SELECT loan_number, borrower_name, get_application_status(loan_number, ...
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Oracle 10gR2 to 11gR2 upgrade - performance hit [closed]

We've recently upgraded from Oracle 10gR2 ( ) to 11gR2 ( and we are noticing a significant hit in performance although execution plans are the same for the offended queries before and ...
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Column level security

I am in need of a solution to hide specific columns in a table. We have people who need to build reports against this database and specifically some of these tables with confidential information but ...
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SSIS PL/SQL task hangs with message "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors."

I've configured a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SSIS package with an Execute SQL Task to run a PL/SQL query on an Oracle 10.2 database. The Execute SQL Task (named "SQL Update MY_STATUS flag") is ...
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Getting the value of 'foo' for the closest previous row with higher 'bar'

From this initial data: select level as foo, mod(ora_hash(level),4) as bar from dual connect by level<9; /* FOO BAR ---------------------- --------------------...
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Calculating percentage of a row over total sum

Apologies for the bad title, I wasn't sure what would be a good title for this. This is currently (simplified view of the) data I'm working with Agent | Commission ---------|------------ ...
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