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Use the oracle-forms tag when referencing Oracle Forms and Reports (in any version) which allows developers/admins to create forms and reports which reference data in an RDBMS.

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Using at sign "@" in password Oracle Database/Forms

We have an application running in Oracle Forms which connects to an Oracle database (12c). We've always had issues with using the "@" sign in passwords so we always instructed our users not ...
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Oracle Forms 12c key next item not running on execute query

I am running oracle forms 12c I have a client_id, client name, and contact number fields where if I type client_id it gets the clients name and contact number and those fields get populated but when I ...
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Why is the schema name necessary here and how to compile without it

I'm working on an Oracle Forms 11g application linked with an Oracle 18c database and I stumbled upon a strange error when compiling my form. Here's a snippet to illustrate the problem (I changed the ...
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Oracle 9i to 12c Replication

I have an old Oracle Forms solution that accesses a 9i database and I have been asked if it's possible to replicate to an Oracle 12c database server, with the intention of using Fusion until a new ...
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Running forms in Oracle Cloud Service

Since few years ago I have worked and extending a application build by Forms Builder 10g and running via Oracle Application Service 10g. The application can be launched as:
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Generate & Email report from Oracle Forms 11g

I generate a report in PDF through passing of parameters from Oracle Forms 11g. I have a requirement to email the same report automatically as well. Following is the part of forms where I have passed ...
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