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Questions tagged [oracle-streams]

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Do "Oracle Streams" have anything to do with the "Oracle Stream Class"?

Oracle has a concept call "Oracle Streams" which is extensively documented. Does this have any relation to the "Stream Class". My assumption is no, and that they're entirely distinct but ...
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Oracle streams how exclude chages in sequences in schema replication

I have two DBs I want to synchronize using streams So I followed N-way replication guide. I have following config: BEGIN DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.ADD_SCHEMA_RULES( schema_name => '...
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Does Oracle Streams replicate unused columns?

Since you can now mark columns as unused with alter table <table> set unused column <column> are columns, set as unused, replicated by Streams? Or is it configurable by rules or ...
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How can you re-synchronize oracle streams automatically?

I have noticed that when a process of oracle streams (e.g. capture/apply/propagate) is stopped or disabled, and at the same time, changes are made to the source and/or destination table/database/...
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Keeping messages in a backup table after dequeue is completed

I would like to transfer the enqueued messages to a backup table after they have been dequeued. Currently we are using DBMS_AQ.DEQUEUE with mode dequeue_mode := DBMS_AQ.REMOVE. So after the message ...
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Which version of Oracle supports Streams

I am using Oracle 10g Express Edition. I want to enable the streams feature in my current edition. However, when I searched on the net I couldn't find any information regarding streams setup on Oracle ...
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oracle streams apply: how to get a reason why LCR message was not applied

I've set up bidirectional oracle streams replication (11gR1) using identical scripts on both machines (DB1 and DB2). Although changes from DB1 are being applied to DB2, changes from DB2 to DB1 aren't. ...
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oracle streams - how to get last successfully applied scn for crashed apply?

I have a downstream Streams replication set up between Oracle 9i (source) and Oracle 11g (destination). The process is still in developlment stage, so the whole setup is not stable yet. Sometimes my ...
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Transaction stays in capture queue

I set up simple bidirectional db replication using Oracle Streams. I used enterprise manager for this. Streams are active and their status is ok. The problem is that the replication is very slow. What ...
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Oracle Streams Setup Error

I am running Oracle 11g on a Linux box. I am trying to run the following command to set my streams user grants and other authorizations: BEGIN DBMS_STREAMS_AUTH.GRANT_ADMIN_PRIVILEGE( grantee ...
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