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Does sys.sql_logins.is_policy_checked mean that the policy has been checked?

When I look in sys.sql_logins, I see a column called is_policy_checked. Can I trust that my password policy has been checked for all of the logins where this column value is 1?
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Why are mysql password hashes internally saved with a star (asterisk)?

I was reading upon some mysql internals, when going through the mysql.user table in the my mysql shell, I get mysql> select * from mysql.user limit 1 \G *************************** 1. row *********...
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3 votes
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MYSQL - Unable to change 'old_passwords' variable

I have full access to a 'MYSQL 5.0.27-community-nt-log' database one of our new updates for a core app requires PHP 5.4, after installing and configuring I'm stuck at the error regarding old vs. new ...
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Why would you use a managed service account rather than a virtual account in SQL Server 2012?

In SQL Server 2012, service accounts are created as virtual accounts (VAs), as described here, as opposed to managed service accounts (MSAs). The important differences I can see for these, based on ...
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Verifying password policy on existing users

I've recently come into an environment where a lot of databases logins do not have the enforce_password_policy flag enabled. An upcoming audit is necessitating the verification of these logins' ...
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"sudo -u postgres psql postgres" does not ask for password

I've taken over a system using postgres. When logging in, if I use ... sudo -u postgres psql postgres does NOT ask for a password. However, if I do ... psql -U postgres -h localhost postgres ...
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7 votes
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How to lock a sql login after N unsuccessful login attempts

Consider I have login called sql_login. Can I lock sql_login login after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. When we create a login we can see there is option called password policy check the image. But ...
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5 votes
2 answers

ORA-01017: invalid username/password;logon denied

There were other similar questions asked, but none that were able to tell me why I can't connect using a C# .NET web site I've stood up. While I know this forum is more for DBAs connecting to ...
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2 answers

Why shouldn't a pre-hashed password be used with CREATE LOGIN all the time?

(For the purpose of this question, assume that I only need to support SQL Server 2008 and higher. Or to future-proof this question, let's say recent, current, and near-future versions.) The ...
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Handle expired SQL login's passwords in SQL Server

Is it possible to change the password for a login with an expired password using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) programming? Many times during working hours I got this message from a production ...
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2 votes
1 answer

MariaDB multiple auth modules for a user?

MariaDB has pluggable authentication, like PostgreSQL. Unlike PostgreSQL, I can't figure out how to support two forms of auth for a user. For instance, in PostgreSQL we can have the following in our ...
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Authentification failure for PostgreSQL server (9.3)

I can currently not connect to my Postgresql server (9.3) from pgadmin (Running on Ubuntu 14.04). The server according to pg_lsclusters is on port 5433. Ver Cluster Port Status Owner Data ...
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Why has my root password changed after I updated MySQL from 5.7 to 8.0?

I have set my root account passwords like this: mysql -u root SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('pswd1'); SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'' = PASSWORD('pswd2'); SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'...
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Query to find users with passwords same as their username in Oracle

I'm writing an Oracle audit script where I need to find users in a database who have set their passwords to be the same as their username, e.g. dbaadmin/dbaadmin. The query would need to get the list ...
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Passing passwords more securely to mysql utilities on the command line

This question is related to another question I subsequently asked here: Using the output from mysqldiff.exe to transform database2 to match database1. I have been trying to use mysqldiff.exe, part of ...
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