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Percona Server is a fork of MySQL Community Edition, focusing on performance improvements.

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25 votes
4 answers

How do you identify InnoDB table corruption?

I have some tables that are partitioned and have several indexes on a replicated slave. After copying the snap shot (verified safe) to a new slave and upgrading mysqld from 5.1.42 to 5.5.15 and ...
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Capabilities of InnoDB INSERT Performance

Hi I am running the most recent version of Percona Server. Server version: 5.5.24-55 Percona Server (GPL), Release 26.0 I have a 10 cpu box of these characteristics. processor : 0 vendor_id ...
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Tuning dedicated Percona Server with XtraDB for OLTP

Hardware specs for an OLTP DB dual quad core xeon with hyperthreading 24GB ram Hardware RAID10 BBU Software specs Standard install of Ubuntu 10.04LTS with default LVM partitioning Installed Percona ...
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How big can innodb_doublewrite_file grow?

When I use the enable innodb_doublewrite_file ... How big can this file grow ? How can I calculate the optimal disk size, if it would be used only for this file?
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24 votes
2 answers

Percona vs MySQL

What is Percona? How does it differ from MySQL? When should we consider switching (or upgrading) from stock MySQL to Percona? To add some specifics in our situation we almost exclusively use ...
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28 votes
3 answers

Should a MySQL replication slave be set to read only?

I've got replication running on Percona Server 5.5 by following this guide and wondered if I should add read-only=1 to my slave's my.cnf to make it read only? The guide sets up replication for the ...
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Percona mysqld got signal 11

I've googled and searched stackexchange, but can't find anything relevant to this particular issue (there are other error 11 issues, just not for this as far as I can tell). We have a server that is ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it mandatory to enable --log_slave_updates with MySQL Replication using GTID? [duplicate]

I'm setting up 5.6 Percona Mysql, in order to enable GTID should I have to enable log_slave_update on both Master and Slave ? If I should enable log_slave_update, then I'm counting this to CONS for ...
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What is the Best way to set Disaster recovery setup for percona Xtra DB Cluster?

We do have a Percona XtraDB Cluster(Master-Master-Master) setup in one country. Now we want to setup a disaster recovery setup in some other country. Please provide us the best possible ways to do ...
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2 answers

Percona 5.7 tokudb poor query performance - wrong (non-clustered) index chosen

I have a table with about 8.5m rows in it. The table is tokudb and it has the indexes described below. I'm experiencing dismal performance when trying to run update statements like the following: ...
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1 answer

How often should MySQL (stock, Percona, etc.) be upgraded?

My organization runs several data-driven web applications backed by various flavors of MySQL on RHEL (i.e. we're just like everyone else!) Some of our web apps use the standard build of MySQL, and we ...
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1 answer

Queries getting stuck on very simple COUNT queries

process list: | 16004 | metrics | xxx:64616 | metrics | Query | 29064 | Sending data | SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Plugin where LastUpdated >= '1356856200' | ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there a way to get slow-query-log-like profiling information on a single query?

Specifically, I'm looking for this information: # Query_time: 0.011922 Lock_time: 0.000088 Rows_sent: 107 Rows_examined: 663 Rows_affected: 0 Rows_read: 107 # Bytes_sent: 4152 Tmp_tables: 3 ...
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