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Compilations/sec high when load testing a simple procedure

I am trying to load test a simple insert stored procedure: CREATE TABLE _test(ID BIGINT) GO CREATE OR ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.test_sp AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; BEGIN INSERT INTO _test ...
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Performance Metrics are missing for a problem timeframe [closed]

There was a problem time frame of 30 mins (22:00 to 22:30) during which queries had performance issues - bad execution plans, which led to high CPU. That's what monitoring tool shows: CPU: Checking ...
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SQL Server - Find Memory ALLOCATED vs. Memory ACTUALLY USED

I want to find average Memory USED per day. SQL server caches as much data as possible in RAM (Buffer Cache) - this is ALLOCATED RAM But how much of this data does it actually read subsequently - this ...
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Perfmon Thread Count vs SQL Workers

We are trying to monitor SQL Worker Threads and in the past we used the following query: SELECT SUM(current_workers_count) as [Current worker thread] FROM sys.dm_os_schedulers We are now considering ...
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Get current execution metrics from sys.dm_exec_sessions

I've got a pretty complex batch processing procedure that takes hours to run on real data. I've found that some CPU and I/O counters are stored in the master.sys.dm_exec_sessions table, and so thought ...
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Sum of all Memory Clerks and Total Server Memory (KB)

I am trying to understand the memory management of SQL Server. I have a Windows Server 2019 on virtual environment with 64 GB of RAM. I also have SQL Server 2019 installed with Max Server Memory 59776 ...
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SQL Server Stolen Server Memory - what it consists of?

Below what my server's performance counters show: Questions: 1) What "Stolen Server Memory" consists of ? I can assume "Plan Cache", "Lock Memory", "SQL Cache", "Connection", "Optimizer" are ...
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How to query SQL Server Memory Manager performance counters in DMV?

Is there any system catalog views or DMVs that can be used to query (in SSMS for example) below performance counters from SQL Server:Memory Manager ? Free Memory (KB) Target Server Memory Total ...
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