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Regarding catalog_xmin in Replication slot

Definition of catalog_xmin from postgres Documentation:- The oldest transaction affecting the system catalogs that this slot needs the database to retain. VACUUM cannot remove catalog tuples deleted ...
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How to display name and type of table columns in creation order?

I have created this tbl_cities using the code below: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS public.tbl_Cities (City_ID SERIAL NOT NULL, City_Name VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, City_State_Region VARCHAR(100), ...
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Is pg_database a catalog or a table?

I am learning about PostgreSQL and am trying to understand basic concepts like schemas, catalogs and tables. I have been reading PostgreSQL: Up and Running, and to quote the book: Schemas are ... the ...
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What is faster: pg_catalog or information_schema?

I understand the high-level differences between pg_catalog and information_schema. But in many cases, a tool could choose to use any of them. And I'm wondering if there are performance reasons why we ...
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