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pg_hba error while setting up repmgr

Please help me to figure it out, help is much appreciated! ERROR: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for replication connection from host "", user "repmgr", SSL on The following is a list of my ...
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Allow databases start with specific name

In PostgreSQL sometimes we replace a database, we rename the old when a create a new one, example: Database: test Rename database to: test-04-04 (date) Create a newdatabase: test Now we have a lot ...
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FATAL: could not load pg_hba.conf error when including a @user file

I've got a working pg_hba.conf file in the default location that lists specific users and address (Windows PG14). The documentation states that I can also list users and address by creating a file ...
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pg_cron connection refused with postgres login

I am trying to run a function periodically with pg_cron but every time it wants to execute it throws connection refused. the cron job is created using the postgres user. pg_hba.conf local all ...
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pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf in old installation directory

I have installed the PostgreSQL 9.4 on my MacBook via MacPorts, and I am trying to edit pg_hba.conf, but I don't see it in my current installation. Furthermore, psql is reporting that config_file is ...
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