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Any questions particularly about the PostgreSQL pg_stat_statements extension. It is part of the contrib "Additional Supplied Modules" and is highly recommended for server environments.

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pg_stat_statements slows down the database

I have an aws aurora postgresql cluster running posgresql 13.7 engine. The cluster is using the default parameter group. These are the default settings used for pg_stat_statements in the parameter ...
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Why does pg_stat_statement need to be included in shared_preload_libraries?

I am working on AWS RDS Postgres v9.6, and also v14. I noticed that in our shared_preload_libraries parameter, we have pg_stat_statement included. I don't understand why that needs to be there. In the ...
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Unable to use equal operator in where clause on `queryid` from `pg_stat_statements`

When analyzing an issue on a PostgreSQL 13 server we can successfully retrieve information querying from pg_stat_statements, but we are unable to retrieve a single record using a queryid = -1234567600 ...
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Analyzing queries with high disk IO

RDS Aurora PostgreSQL 10.14 instance db.r5.4xlarge. I'm trying to figure out some high RDS IO costs in my machine. I'm looking at the pg_stat_statements and asking whether the following query make ...
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ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0x00 in pg_stat_statements

I'm attempting to use pg_stat_statements to optimise my queries but ran into an unexpected roadblock. SELECT total_plan_time + total_exec_time as total_time, query FROM pg_stat_statements ORDER BY ...
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What is the performance impact of pg_stat_statements?

I am using pg_stat_statements to find the slow queries in my production PostgreSQL 13. Two things: I am unsure of the performance impact of this extension. Is there anything I can do to improve its ...
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