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PipelineDB is an open source Streaming SQL Database built on top of PostgreSQL. The commercial version, PipelineDB Cluster, is proprietary.

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Is it an option to deploy specific schema with objects - procedures, funtions, views to multiples databases?

We have schema utils which we would like to deploy with database objects (procedures, functions, views) to multiple databases on different servers via Azure Devops Pipeline. Is there any option to ...
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Data Pipeline load bulk tables in one time

I am using AWS Data Pipeline for copying my RDS MySQL Database to Redshift. I need to create separate pipeline for each table and each pipeline create new EC2 instance. (Process takes time). Problem ...
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Pipelinedb: How to group stream data by each N minutes in continuous view

How to group data from pipelinedb's stream by each N minutes in continuous view select? Pipelinedb's stream gets data about the events that comes from a many remote hosts. I need to group this events ...
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