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UPDATE ... RETURNING * with large results error

I am using Postgres-XL (Distributed version of Postgres) When I run the query: UPDATE <table> SET <column> = <value> WHERE <conditions> RETURNING *; and the result has ...
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Postgres-XL adding GTM Proxy seems to do nothing

I've set up a Postgres-XL cluster using this recipe: GTM: hostname=host1 nodename=gtm Coordinator: hostname=host2 nodename=coord1 Datanode1: hostname=host3 nodename=datanode1 Datanode2: hostname=...
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Postgres-XL: SQueue timeout while waiting for Consumers finishing

We are running a pg-xl cluster: 1 gtm 2 coords 2 datanodes (+2 slaves) Everything works ok except for some medium queries (10 joins + group by). These queries always take 10.xx seconds. There is a 10-...
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Postgres-XL cluster

I'm trying to create a Postgres-XL cluster on 4 servers. I've followed the recipe on (Note: update to pgxc_ctl....
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Failed To Insert Data Into Tables Using Postgres-XL and 4 Datanode

Recently, I have installed Postgres-XL-9.5r1.5 in a R630, 16 cores, 16 GB RAM. I configured 1 GTM, 1 Coordinator, and 4 Datanodes. I created a simple table sales_small_cat CREATE TABLE ...
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