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Postgresql-16 - SSPI configuration not working

Issue - Failing to set up SSPI connection for Postgresql-16 Config pg_ident looks as follows # MAPNAME SYSTEM-USERNAME PG-USERNAME mapname username1@biz username mapname username2@...
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PostgreSQL 16, pg_dumpall Restore

I'm trying to move a DB from a server running PostgreSQL 9.6 (CentOS) to another running PostgreSQL 16.1 (Ubuntu), I've used pg_dumpall --clean (from the 16.1 install) to output the DB's to a file ...
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Restore but only missing data on the table

I have 2 database already restored on 2 different database on the same instance, call it geo and restore1 the schema is identical, the only difference is that geo database contain only records before &...
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