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Can PostgreSQL tell me what configuration files it's using?

I am having trouble with some changes I'm making to a configuration file. I think PostgreSQL is not using the ones I'm modifying. Is there any way to get postgres (maybe some environment variable) to ...
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How do I stop/disable PITR and safely clean WAL segments?

Our production server is running PostgreSQL v8.2.3 on CentOS release 5.2 (Final). We've setup PITR in our production server. For some reasons, after setting up PITR, we're not able to manage and ...
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Can't rename columns in PostgreSQL views with CREATE OR REPLACE

In PostreSQL 8.3, I'm trying to create a view which will look just like an existing table but have different column names. This works CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW gfam.nice_builds AS SELECT (family_tree....
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How can I configure PostgreSQL 9.0 to start automatically under Windows XP?

Yesterday I installed PostgreSQL 9.0 on Windows XP, and after the installation the DB was running. After booting the system this morning, the data base server did not start automatically. How do I ...
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Transferring concepts - users/groups/permissions of db objects from mysql to postgresql

This seemed like a better fit here than stackoverflow, so here goes: I've been using mysql for a while since on most of the cheap webhosts it is the provided database. However, now I've started ...
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9 votes
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Are there any professional fulltime PostgreSQL DBA's?

For my job I work on a JavaEE application with PostgreSQL as the database. Although we have a sysadmin for our productions servers, who also manages our database servers, we have no full-time DBA ...
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3 answers

What are the drawbacks with using UUID or GUID as a primary key?

I would like to build a distributed system. I need to store data in databases and it would be helpful to use an UUID or a GUID as a primary key on some tables. I assume it's a drawbacks with this ...
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Can I activate PITR after the DB has been used

My Postgres-Server is running for quite a while and contains probably 4-5 GB of data. Backups are done using dumps, and this works ok. Though not most efficient, it just works. Due to future growth ...
6 votes
2 answers

Best practices to run time offset delayed replication

I want to setup replication system on postgresql like #1 MASTER SERVER and two replicated servers: #2 SERVER in realtime (for load balancing), #3 SERVER delayed with some time offset (for example 2 ...
86 votes
6 answers

Do stored procedures prevent SQL injection?

Is it true that stored procedures prevent SQL injection attacks against PostgreSQL databases? I did a little research and found out that SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL are not safe against SQL injection ...
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Biological Sequences of UniProt in PostgreSQL

What is the best way to store UniProt biological sequences in PostreSQL? Data Details We pull in 12 million sequences from UniProt - this number is likely to double every 3-10 month. The length of a ...
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1 answer

Is there a good way to run a trigger for each record in a postgres table?

I have a system where I can't control the design of some tables (replicated via Slony-I), and so I have a series of what we refer to as 'shadow tables', where I extract some information out of the ...
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What is the difference between PostgreSQL 9.0 Replication and Slony-I?

Is there still any use for Slony-I, and if so, what is it? For clarification, from 9.0 Postgresql supports built in streaming replication.

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