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Questions tagged [quoted-identifier]

The requirement for or use of double quotation marks around identifiers.

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What function do I need to get single quoted constants in the generated SQL? The code generator wraps the single-quoted output in double quotes

I wanted to create a view that sums a table common to a number of schemas, as expressed here, and includes the schema name or a derived expression as a column, so I created a view that includes the ...
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Postgresql granting a username to specific database

I'm trying to create a user that only has access to one database. It's telling me database doesn't exist but clearly it does by following. postgres=# \l ...
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Why are unquoted identifiers upper-cased per SQL-92?

Section 5.6 of the SQL-92 standard contains rules 10...13 per which unquoted identifiers should be upper-cased, so foo becomes FOO but "foo" remains foo. These rules are respected by Oracle, ...
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column "tum_first_name" of relation "tbl_users" does not exist, even when it does [duplicate]

I have a tbl_users, where there are a few columns like TUM_First_Name,TUM_Last_Name and so on. However, when I try an insert query, an error says :- column "tum_first_name" of relation "...
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Error with non-standard identifier in \copy command [closed]

Would like to be able to add characters like '-' in the schema name when running COPY command in PostgreSQL. Any way to get around this? psql -d postgres -c "\COPY (SELECT * FROM test-schema....
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Cannot drop database in postgres

I would like to unserstand why I am not able to drop a database from cmd: I execute the command: drop database if exists <db_name> but the result is as below: postgres=# drop database testV5; ...
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Error querying postgresql table created in pgAdmin

I have successfully created a table in pgAdmin which generated the code: CREATE TABLE public."Test3" ( "PID" integer, "Name" character varying(20), PRIMARY ...
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quoted identifiers on filtered indices

I´ve 2 questions. I am using a T-SQL Server 2014. When creating a table with a filtered index on a T-SQL server, it is a must-have to set QUOTED_IDENTIFIER to ON. Why is this so? I´ve some SPs which ...
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UPDATE failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'QUOTED_IDENTIFIER' in Agent job

In brief, I added a computed column to a table and then Agent jobs began failing and reporting the error: UPDATE failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'QUOTED_IDENTIFIER'...
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Why can't I access some tables in postgresql [duplicate]

I am running into some strange problem in PostgreSQL $ sudo -u postgres psql Blogging psql (10.10 (Ubuntu 10.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1)) Type "help" for help. Blogging=# \dt List of ...
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Correct table quoting

I want to generically use any SQL database(I'm using jdbc, it works if the driver and the URL are provided). It seems, that different DBMS use different quoting for table names. For example, I have ...
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Where to put single quotes?

I am trying to execute the below statement which creates a database called service2019: DECLARE @dbname VARCHAR(50); SET @dbname = 'service' + CAST(YEAR(GETDATE()) AS VARCHAR(4)); EXEC ( 'CREATE ...
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Catching QUOTED_IDENTIFIER Errors in Trigger without aborting transaction

Is there a way to catch a QUOTED_IDENTIFIER error without failing the transaction? I have assembled a minimal test case here. The trigger must have SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON because it uses XML data ...
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Postgresql arbitrary queries [duplicate]

I have pgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL 10. I can't execute a query without quote marks i.e. I want to excute this select * from table but it only works if I use select * from databasename."table" How ...
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Postgres : Relation does not exist error

I used pg_restore to load my postgres db with a dump file. I connected to my db with my user : sudo -u arajguru psql dump select current_user; current_user -------------- arajguru Now I was able ...
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Can column name be "Group" in PostgreSQL or in any databases

I was designing a project which specifies that in a table what column name should be and one of the column name in the specification is "group". I tried creating it but it always throw a ...
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