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This is intended for SQL Server 2016 R Services - Microsoft R Server (Standalone) is a separate option designed for using the Scale R libraries on a Windows computer that is not running SQL Server

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How to grant more memory to run R processes in SQL Server 2016 R Services

I'm running a fresh install of SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition (13.0.5026.0) with R Services on Windows Server 2016 Standard. With all sorts of happiness I went to run an R script that completes ...
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Added R Services to SQL Server 2016 Enterprise - Cannot get past Msg 39021

SQL Server 2016 SP1 CU8 (Have already read the entirety of this answer Problem getting SQL Server 2016 R Services (In-Database) working, and all cited links) We added R Services - In-database - from ...
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SQL Server 2016 SP1 - Unable to execute R code [duplicate]

I have SQL Server 2016 SP1 installed, with R Services. I believe I configued everything based on what I understood to be correct and the output below. I have restarted SQL Server services and the ...
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Problem getting SQL Server 2016 R Services (In-Database) working

SQL Server 2016 CU2 (Enterprise) here and one of my users has requested that we get R-Services installed. I followed what appeared to be very simple instructions from this page Set up SQL Server R ...
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How to install RODBC driver for SQL Server 2016 R Services

I'm trying to get started with R services on SQL Server 2016. I was following this example from MS on youtube. 2 min 22sec into the vid John shows a reference to library(RODBC)... which I don't have. ...
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