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What to do when the error message is longer than 4000 in T-SQL?

I have a OPENQUERY linking to an Oracle server that is failing. (I can't make any changes on the oracle server) But when it returns the error string it is cut short because it returns the query in ...
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How to throw an error in SSDT Post-Deploy script to fail it's execution?

I'm using Microsoft SSDT to version DB schema. I have a script to autogenerate some triggers and i need to make sure that we don't forget to run it when tables change. I added a part to PostDeploy ...
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SQL Server 2019: Rasing errors between 1 and 13000

I've been struggling with a task which requires me to raise a number of errors for testing purposes. Of course the time consuming errors are between 1 and 13000. I've managed to do them, but I need to ...
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SQL Server - What is the RAISERROR substitution parameter for boolean/bit type?

I'd like to quickly dump some context into an error message including some boolean flags using the handy-dandy substitution parameters of RAISERROR such as CREATE PROCEDURE MyProc ( @param1 INT = ...
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