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Implications of setting READ_Write

I am looking to update several users on READ_ONLY databases. As the databases are used 24/7 globally, and maintenance windows have just past, I would like to do this during a low-activity moment (to ...
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Table queries locked during long insert SQL server

Everyday runs a sql job that loads data from bulk files and load them in auxiliary tables, to adapt and then copy to the destination table where applications read (and only read) the data. I am ...
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Optimizing a single table, write-once, read-many PostgreSQL database

I've just finished constructing a table of ~835 million rows using Google's ngram dataset, aggregated on the years in which they occurred so that each 2-,3-,4-, and 5-gram is represented by a single ...
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Revoke write privileges vs setting database to readonly

I am planning to do a database migration to a new server. During the transition stage, I do not want Apache user to be able to write anything to the database. I have two options. Revoke write ...
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How to start mysqld with read-only data directory?

I'm trying to start MariaDB in a docker container, using a data directory from the host mounted read-only. MySQLd is of course shut down on the host. Unfortunately, even with adding the read_only flag ...
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Create new Read Only user on DB2 on the whole database

I am an oracle/sql server DBA having limited knowledge in IBM DB2. We have DB2 9.7 fp4 running on AIX 6. I would like to create a new user and grant him READ only privilege on a particular database. ...
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How do I map a SQL Server login to a user that already exists in a read-only database?

One of our database users complains that they can't select from one of the databases in this particualr instance while they have no problems in accessing others in this very same instance. The one ...
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