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Replication is the process of sharing any level of information so as to ensure consistency between redundant hardware/software resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, and accessibility

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How can you stop MySQL slave from replicating changes to the 'mysql' database?

I have my slave set to not replicate the 'mysql' database as described in this SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G; Slave_IO_State: Waiting for master to send event Master_Host: ...
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5 answers

Is it unwise to run replication on same physical server?

I'm contemplating setting up a Master-Slave replication for my database. The slave server will be used for redundancy and possibly a reports server. However, one of the biggest issues I'm running into ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Is there a way to measure replication lag in MySQL with a resolution less than 1 second?

Is there a way by which you can measure replication lag in MySQL with a resolution of less than 1 second? That is, can replication lag be measured on the microsecond or millisecond level?
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2 answers

Best practices to run time offset delayed replication

I want to setup replication system on postgresql like #1 MASTER SERVER and two replicated servers: #2 SERVER in realtime (for load balancing), #3 SERVER delayed with some time offset (for example 2 ...
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What is the difference between PostgreSQL 9.0 Replication and Slony-I?

Is there still any use for Slony-I, and if so, what is it? For clarification, from 9.0 Postgresql supports built in streaming replication.
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3 answers

With MySQL Replication, what level of resilience is possible?

I've found lots of good material on setting up MySQL replication, but not much on what to do in the event of failures. Understanding the degree of resilience I can achieve is fundamental to designing ...
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Sql Server merge replication primary key violations

Using Sql Server 2008. Pretend I have a publisher and 2 subscribers A and B. The replicated table has a guid on it and also a primary key that is not the guid. Frequently, updates happen at both ...
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79 votes
7 answers

How do I completely disable MySQL replication

I am running dual master MySQL replication and now want to move to a single database with no replication. How do I completely disable replication on both databases?
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