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Replication Manager for PostgreSQL clusters

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Streaming replication and failover on PostgreSQL

I am doing a proof of concept on PostgreSQL replication. After the discussion on forum we decided to go with streaming replication as the performance is good compared to other solutions. PostgreSQL is ...
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Postgres requested WAL segment has already been removed (however it is actually in the slave's directory)

I am using repmgr as my replication tool. On the slave I keep getting an error: requested WAL segment has already been removed When I check the Master indeed it is not there; however, it is in ...
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pg_dump does not return schema for repmgr objects

While trying to browse repmgr.monitoring_history, I noticed it has many tens of millions of records. Wanting to get a peak at the indexes that (may or may not) already exist on the table, I try a ...
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in PostgreSQL REPMGR Master-Slave environment is it necessary to have same H/W config for HOT STANDBY setup?

I have a PostgreSQL repmgr Master-Slave setup with HOT standby enabled. In such repmgr configuration isnt it possible to configure the postgresql.conf in Primary and secondary DIFFERENTLY WHILE HOT ...
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