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SQL Report Services on AOAVG

We have 2 SQL Servers in a SQL Server 2016 AOAVG. When we fail over to the secondary replica, the reports do not work. Am I right in thinking that this is because we need to stop the SQL Server ...
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Data structure and design for statistics and reporting [closed]

I hope I will get luck describing what I am looking for, because This is some thing new for me and I am not sure if I will use the correct names and terms. I have tables which contains a million of ...
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Report based on MV: Deliberately make the report fail if MV is out of date?

I have a query that is used in a BIRT report (in IBM's Maximo Asset Management platform). I'm considering storing the query in a materialized view in order to improve performance and reduce the load ...
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SSRS - : How to make a conditional formatting for matrix by group?

I currently have a report produces a matrix, displayed per user group. (1 user group per page, with 35 user groups/pages) I want to highlight the row in pink in this condition: =IIf(Fields!...
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Improving Query Speed By "Normalizing" [closed]

I am creating a dynamic report on some data. This is using a reporting database, and I am only concerned about query speed, not insert speed, or anything else. My first plan was to start extracting ...
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What is Report ID used for in SSRS reports?

While looking the XML file of my solution I saw this Does this ID have any practical use or is only for internal use?
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Reporting server configured in a separate Web server

I am new into configuring Reporting server and I did install and configured reporting server in a separate app server (lets say on app-01). I have my database server running on a separate server, sql-...
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