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Set non-negative floor for rolling sum, in PostgreSQL

This is a really fun question (asked for SQL Server) and I wanted to try it out to see how it was done in PostgreSQL. Let's see if anyone else can do it better. Taking this data, CREATE TABLE foo AS ...
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Reset Running Total based on another column

Am trying to calculate running total. But it should reset when the cummulative sum greater than another column value create table #reset_runn_total ( id int identity(1,1), val int, reset_val int, ...
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Rolling count of total transactions over time

I need to get a set of total transactions over time on a weekly interval. Essentially I need a total-transactions-to-date column. When I group by WEEK(Date) I get the amount of transactions for that ...
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Calculate Quantity Based on First in, First Out (FIFO)

I'm trying to get result of quantity based on FIFO, with 2 tables below: Table Purchase: | PO | Date | Quantity | Item | |-------|--------------|----------|------| | PO001 | 01-Jan-2016 ...
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Set non-negative floor for rolling sum, in SQL Server

I need to set a floor on the rolling sum calculation. For example, with PKID NumValue GroupID ---------------------------- 1 -1 1 2 -2 1 3 5 1 4 ...
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Calculating Running Total After Reset

I have a SQL Server 2012 table which has customer id, amount, and a reset columns. I’m trying to calculate the running total and also calculate the running total after reset. Once the reset "flag" is ...
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Sum all unique values from previous dates

Let's say, for simplicity sake, I have the following table: id amount p_id date ------------------------------------------------ 1 5 1 2020-01-01T01:00:00 2 10 ...
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