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A Cassandra-compatible NoSQL data store.

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Which is the right choice for an app dating ScyllaDB or MongoDB?

How does ScyllaDB compare to MongoDB in terms of handling semi-structured data and schema flexibility? Are there any third-party solutions or workarounds needed to achieve similar functionality? How ...
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How can I make (game_id, user_id) unique, yet (game_id, score) indexed/clustered, in ScyllaDB?

See this in ScyllaDB: CREATE TABLE scores_leaderboards ( game_id int, score int, user_id bigint, PRIMARY KEY (game_id, score, user_id) ) WITH CLUSTERING ORDER BY (score DESC); The ...
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How do I manage Cassandra/Scylla snapshots?

I am new to Scylla, and I'm looking to setup a proper Backup & Restore solution. I've just tested running nodetool snapshot -t my_backup, and see that what it does is create a snapshot folder ...
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Can you restore a ScyllaDB from only a backup of /var/lib/scylla/data folder?

I had a single node scyllaDB which was lost, but only a backup of the /var/lib/scylla/data folder was done. My question is, can a single node scylla be restored from only this backup? I already ...
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Implementating user notifications list using Aerospike

I need to choose the right DB for a notifications system that needs to handle billions of notifications. The record structure is as follows: [user_id, item_type, item_id, created_at, other_data] The ...
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Allocate space in Cassandra

We run a Cassandra cluster with 2 DC, 3 nodes each (2 RF). The state of the cluster is quite bad (never repaired) and the disks were getting full so we added additional nodes which after the bootstrap ...
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Correct way to perform backup of Cassandra/Scylladb

What's the correct(advisable) method to backup a cassandra or scylladb so that we can restore it on development environment with ease?
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