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Questions tagged [select-into]

Questions about the SELECT INTO statement used to create a table from a SELECT statement (or store scalar results into variables in a procedural language). See also the tag [ctas].

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18 votes
2 answers

Disk space full during insert, what happens?

Today I discovered the harddrive which stores my databases was full. This has happened before, usually the cause is quite evident. Usually there is a bad query, which causes huge spills to tempdb ...
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Double registration when using select into

SQL Server 2019 CU15, Database Audit: When auditing a SELECT on a database, everything looks fine, but if I SELECT INTO a #myTempDB, I get double registration in the AUDIT LOG. I created a test ...
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3 votes
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Time to generate execution plan for select into from a view takes significantly more time than select

I have a view, vw_example, that is quite complicated and has multiple joins across multiple databases. This view has been causing significant delays when used as part of other queries, and we've ...
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Select into query, insert fails, but the table is created

I am using SQL Server 2016 and I tried to the following query. SELECT CONVERT(BIGINT, 'A') col1 INTO #tmp This query is obviously in error. Because it does not convert. However, the temporary table (...
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1 vote
2 answers

How much storage space do indexes and keys take for an SQL Table?

I have a table which is predominantly filled with NULLS and takes up 10 GB which was shocking since probably 90 to 95% of the table is NULLS. I copied this table over to a new database on the same SQL ...
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SQL Server: I need to estimate execution time of a SELECT .. INTO .. statement

To take backup of a big table (using SELECT .. INTO .. ) took me almost 4 hours in a machine with 4 CPUs and 16 GB of RAM. No external application/process were accessing the table during the operation....
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2 answers

Why am I getting the "Query has no destination for result" error?

I'm starting on PL/pgSQL, and have written this code to update and return a query, but it isn´t working. This is the SQL error: SQL Error [42601]: ERROR: query has no destination for result data Hint:...
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2 answers

How can I obtain the last inserted row with INSERT ... SELECT in PostgreSQL?

I'm trying to batch-copy data in a specific order from one table to another in PostgreSQL 12-beta2. The table is not using sequences, but contains an composite unique Primary Key (user_id, object_id). ...
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2 answers

How to implement "SELECT INTO" in Oracle with PostgreSQL commands?

I have seen many explanations about SELECT INTO in the oracle clause. I found a difference in applying SELECT INTO in Oracle and other SQL databases. In Oracle, the SELECT INTO statement retrieves ...
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1 answer

Create an empty table from an existing table keeping the default value constraint

I tried: Select * Into <DestinationTableName> From <SourceTableName> Where 1 = 2 but the default value constraint is not created. I have a smalldatetime column whose default value is ...
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2 answers

How to speed up an insertion from a huge table with postgres?

I have 5 tables in my database with respectively a size of 70Gb, 500Mb, 400 Mb, 110Mb and 20 Mb. I want to create a new table that contains all columns of all tables, so I tried 2 queries, the first ...
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Select into statement

Is it possible to use "select into" statement when we are joining different tables which have 1 or more same column names? Eg: Table1 has column name as description and Table2 has column name as ...
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