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In SQL Server database mail is not working

Database mail is not working: Below Error while sending a test mail Mail not queued. Database Mail is stopped. Use sysmail_start_sp to start Database Mail. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 14641) Checked ...
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Prevent users from sending an email attachment in sql server

In SQL Server, I want to restrict all users (except a few specific users) to send an email with attachment. For example, someone import data into excel file and send it via mail using the ...
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Cannot send mail through SQL Server sp_send_dbmail. Certificate error

Below is the error message I see in windows event log. No errors while executing sp_send_dbmail Exception Information =================== Exception Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlIMail....
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Automate SQL Server reports and send them by mail

I work in a large retail business with a decent SQL Server environment. We have SQL Server replication, Availability Groups, Data warehouse, and some cloud services. In this beautiful environment, we ...
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enable job results in a sp_send_dbmail error

On one of our production servers (SQL SERVER 2017 Enterprise) I get the following error whenever I right click and enable a Job in the SQL Server Agent: Alter failed for Job 'My Job'. (Microsoft....
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SQL Server Management Send Mail as Part of a Job

I have a SQL Job that I would like to send an email through, but for some reason I can't get any details on why the email is not sending. This code works as expected when executed in the query window, ...
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SQL Server Long Running Transaction - WAITFOR(RECEIVE conversation....DatabaseMail)

I have recently implemented an Agent Job which checks SQL Server every 10mins for any long running queries and if detected it will send out a mail to recipients with the information. However since ...
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How to report on how many emails have been sent by sql server for a given period of time?

Is there a good way to determine how many emails have been sent by sql server (sql notifications + invocations of sp_send_dbmail by applications) for a given period of time? Need this info for ...
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sp_send_dbmail: Failing When Adding Attachment

I have a simple script that should send an attachment using send_dbmail. It works when I exclude the attachment or send a very small file, e.g. 5KB. The prod file I want to send is 280KB. Exec ...
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How send email with "execute as user"

I need that all my system users can send email from the DB. not to assign everyone the role in the msdb database I created one login/user "send_mail", and grant permission on msdb db, ...
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