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Defining hasMany self-associations in sequelize v7

export default class Folder extends Model<InferAttributes<Folder>, InferCreationAttributes<Folder>> { @Attribute(DataTypes.INTEGER) @PrimaryKey @AutoIncrement declare id: ...
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''No database selected'' error in Render

I created a project on Node js(Express js) with sequelize ORM and earlier, I used sequelize-cli to create and migrate database and tables respectively. this is my package.json: { "name": &...
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Sequelize and Mysql throw connect ETIMEDOUT error

Hello everyone this is my first time here but I'm a quite desperate with this situation, I hope you can help me. I have a nodejs server with express and sequelize. When I was in development enviroment ...
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Problem seeding Heroku database

I'm trying to seed my Heroku production database and got the following error message: ERROR: insert or update on table "Posts" violate foreign key constraint "Posts_userId_fkey The ...
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Posgres database requires a group by clause. (column \"\" must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function",)

I have 2 tables, agents and candidates. The candidates table has a foreign key "agent_id". I want to get all agents and aggregate the candidate counts on each agent object; the different ...
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Query hanging in ClientRead and blocking all others

This is related to Debugging a hanging session/lock Every so often (~1-2 times a month) we have our database lock up because there is one query that doesnt finish, and that has requested locks that ...
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3 answers

Database design for monthly leaderboards

I have a system where users can make predictions on events. There are about two events a week. When the event ends the system scores all the predictions and updates this in the database. Here is an ...
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Postgres support for UUID [closed]

My understanding is that Postgres supports UUID data type out-of-the-box. I'm running Postgres on Amazon RDS with Engine version 10.6 and am scratching my head as to why the following commands are not ...
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