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How to import MySQL RAW Database files without connection error

unfortunately I did not create a 'dump' file with the backup (Data Export) process on MySQL Workbench 8.0.26. When I copy the old database files to the new Data directory, the server fails to start ...
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SQL Server 2012 Backup Timeline Cannot find file

I have accidentaly restored a very old version of my database and have this .bak standard file from 3 days ago. But I found this "Backup Timeline" in MSSQL that actually points out several ...
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SQL 2019: Getting a Error: 14151, Severity: 18, State: 1

I created new replication servers for a Cisco Publisher/Subscriber Attendant Console. However, the replication is not working correctly. When I look at the logs on the Publisher side, I get error ...
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Introduce delays to every incoming requests for mysql server

I have to test how application responds if the mysql server takes some time(like 1 minute). So, i would like the mysql to wait for a minute before processing the request. I have check mysql ...
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0 answers

SQL Server CEIP login account

One of my servers have login of "DOMAIN\MACHINENAME$" in both login_name and original_login_name for SQLServerCEIP when checked using sp_who2. Under services, SQL Server CEIP settings shows ...
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Database in recovery mode

My database is entered in recovery mode due to power loss while executing query! I have tried a lot of queries but i am unable to resolve that problem
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1 answer

best configuration for large mysql database

I have the following scenario: I need to update in a MySQL database ( innodb ) ~5-10 million records / day For each record i update or insert i need to run ~10 read queries, then I split the record in ...
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How can I add a new SQL Server in SQL-Server? [closed]

As you can see in the title, SQL-server is not very clear when it comes down to naming their objects. My situation is: I have two logins, "SQLExpress" and "SQLExpress01", and I ...
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