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Simple Parameterization is associated with SQL Server execution plans that are produced in the Trivial phase. It results in one or more literal values being replaced by parameters.

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Two Databases using query store - one saves Paramerized Queries as literals in sys.query_store_sql_text , the other saves them as parameterized [duplicate]

I have two test databases - AdventureWorks2012 and StackOverflow2010 on the same SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (RTM-CU21) (KB5025808) - 15.0.4316.3 (X64) Jun 1 2023 16:32:31 ...
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Why additional plans are created under simple parameterization?

I have a table which has 2163 rows and clustered index on id column. I run the following queries: select id from ticket_attach where id = 1 select id from ticket_attach where id = 2 select id from ...
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AlwaysEncrypted error when inserting via stored proc

lets start with the error first: Encryption scheme mismatch for columns/variables . The encryption scheme for the columns/variables is (encryption_type = 'PLAINTEXT') and the expression near line '3' ...
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Why does a plan with FULL optimization show simple parameterization?

I read that only Trivial Plans can be Simple Parameterized, and that not all queries (even when the plan is Trivial) can be Simple Parameterized. Then why is this plan showing Full Optimization, and ...
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Set simple parameterization for a json_value query (without using plan guides)

I'm trying to run this query, but it fails it fails with: The argument 2 of the "JSON_VALUE or JSON_QUERY" must be a string literal.` select from My_Table mt where ...
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