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Questions tagged [slony]

Slony is a popular, trigger-based replication solution for PostgreSQL.

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2 answers

Streaming replication and failover on PostgreSQL

I am doing a proof of concept on PostgreSQL replication. After the discussion on forum we decided to go with streaming replication as the performance is good compared to other solutions. PostgreSQL is ...
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Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining possible

I try to start Slony replication. I have PostgreSQL 9.3.4, PgAdmin III 1.18.1 and Slony-I 2.2.0-1. I have set the path to Slony to D:\GIS\PostgreSQL\9.3\share where I have the Slony files. Whenever I ...
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Replicating from master to slaves and from slaves to master

I have a master and multiple slave machines. All SQL operations on the master node should be sent to the slave nodes. But the tables on the slave nodes may also be written to locally. These local ...
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