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Questions tagged [slony]

Slony is a popular, trigger-based replication solution for PostgreSQL.

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Slony with Amazon's RDS service?

Is it actually possible to somehow use Slony with Amazon’s RDS service? I’m aware that there’s no such thing as a host that you can log into to make Slony’s configurations, but perhaps it can be done ...
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Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining possible

I try to start Slony replication. I have PostgreSQL 9.3.4, PgAdmin III 1.18.1 and Slony-I 2.2.0-1. I have set the path to Slony to D:\GIS\PostgreSQL\9.3\share where I have the Slony files. Whenever I ...
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PostgreSQL Multi Master Single Slave Replication

I have multiple transaction PostgresQL 9.4 databases and a single publication read-only database. Is there any replication mechanism (asynchronous) to push every updated transaction from every ...
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pgAdmin Slony Creation Scripts

I have installed pgAdmin 1.18.1 but whenever I am trying to create a new cluster using Slony-I, it is always saying that it is missing some scripts. I have copied some .sql scripts from my Slony ...
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