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amazon rds logs all queries

I have enabled slow query log on Amazon RDS with following configuration. long_query_time = 0.5 general_log = 0 log_output = TABLE min_examined_row_limit = 1000 slow_query_log = 1 ...
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Modify slow query log rotation on Amazon RDS instance

Our Amazon RDS instance rotates slow logs every hour, and keeps only the last 20 of them. This is not optimal for monitoring as it prevents us from seeing any slow query that might have been ...
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Why is this query running so slowly?

My system (OpenMage / Magento 1) is running some queries like the following and even though it's not using any large tables it seems that they take an abnormally high amount of time to execute. ...
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MySQL Percrona 8.0 became suddenly slow until restart mysql

My website today suddenly became slow and all requests were taking about 2 seconds to complete. Usually it takes like 0.2 second I checked available space on disk and I have a lot. Memory and CPU ...
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MySQL / MyISAM: Queries sometimes very slow, no waiting for lock time

I have a web application using PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.5.54-0+deb8u1-log. Occasionally, there are long waiting times in the application, which seem to be related to slow database queries. In the slow ...
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MySQL: not quoting WHERE conditions slows query execution

I just ran into a curious issue with MySQL. I had a very slow query, even if properly indexed, which was like this: SELECT * FROM `tbl1` WHERE `parm1` = 'taleggio' AND `parm2` = 10 As said both ...
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Need help in optimizing a Slow Query

I am using userpoints module to provide points for different actions that they do on my site. mysql> desc userpoints; +-------------+---------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field ...
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mysql upgrade 5.0.45 to 5.1.7 and problem query

Have been working on a migration the past few weeks, and we have run into a mysql specific problem. After creating a new VM, faster server than the old, we have a query that takes approx 2 seconds on ...
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MariaDB SELECT query keeps stuck in one system but not in another

This is the reduced query showing problem: SELECT t.* FROM transactions t LEFT JOIN assignments a ON a.transaction_id = LEFT JOIN users u2 ON = a.user_id WHERE ( u2....
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Mysql server running as replica doesn't record the slow queries in the slow query log, even though it's enabled

I am running a MySql 8.0.29 server serving as a replica for another server on an ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS box. 'slow_query_log','ON' 'slow_query_log_file','/var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log' 'long_query_time', ...
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Optimize query to not read all rows in table

I have this in my slow query log. Slow Query Log # Time: 2020-03-09T08:42:46.946084Z # User@Host: admin_admin[admin_admin] @ localhost [] Id: 16 # Query_time: 0.001558 Lock_time: 0....
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Unexpected slow queries

Using LEMP on popular cloud-service virtual server, with MyISAM tables. The problem is that sometimes once in few hours simple mysql queries (select from where) executing several seconds (5-9) ...
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mysql.rds_history query locked for 70 seconds

SELECT count(*) from mysql.rds_history WHERE action = 'disable set master' GROUP BY action_timestamp,called_by_user,action,mysql_version, master_host,master_port,master_user,...
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Block certain queries from being logged in slow query log

I have mysqld_node running on my mysql server to get statistics to be used by grafana + prometheus to graph dashboard for this MySQL server. However, i noticed that 90% of the queries in my slow query ...
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Periodically very slow execution of simplest queries

Inspecting MySQL slow query log I found out that in certain periods of time there are a bunch of queries in log which are supposed to be very fast but were actually very slow. For example: # User@...
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Slow queries while using views in MySQL

We have MyISAM tables on MySQL 5.5 and there is this select * from theView where serial_number = 'QWE12345' or select * from theView where user_id = 1234 kind of queries when searching. When I ...
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Identifying root cause of slow query outliers from pt-query-digest?

I've run pt-query-digest and noticed many outliers with very high query times. Many of these queries do not perform slowly when I run them myself, and I'm having trouble figuring out the root cause of ...
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Mysql: slow down with order by, global database problem

i create nasty query for testing reasons. Only for speed testing. EXPLAIN SELECT m.post_id FROM wp_postmeta m LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta mi ON m.`post_id` = mi.`post_id` LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta md ON (md.`...
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