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Techniques for increasing speed of simple select query using DBI R package to MS SQL server where ASYNC_NETWORK_IO is the bottleneck

I am executing a simple select query similar to: DBI::dbGetQuery(db, "SELECT date, x, y, FROM table") where the table contains a large amount of financial data. The db is a MS SQL server ...
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How to fix high px deq slave session stats in Oracle RDS

We are seeing some high percentage of "px deq slave session stats" waits in our Production database.(this maintained on AWS RDS). Due to which outage is happening many times from searching ...
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How can I speed up my query that involves `max(timestamp)` in a huge table? I already added an index to every field

I have a huge table that has fields ip, mac, and timestamp. Neither of the three fields is unique, but the combination of all three is. Table is automatically populated, with newer records added all ...
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Why is the 'DELETE' operation on a PostgreSQL database table unusually very slow?

I have encountered a significant performance issue when executing the 'DELETE' operation on a PostgreSQL database table. The execution time for deleting 15488 records was 79423.768 ms which is very ...
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Slow DB procedure after migrate table from MyISAM to InnoDB

EDITED: We have table XXXX and DB procedure DB_PROD which select data from table XXXX to cursor and then insert or update other tables. Insert to table XXXX is single transaction for each row - this ...
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