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Replace primary key with unique constraint and other clustered index to improve query performance without doubling table size

I've got a SQL Server 2019 with a large fact table (currently ~100 million rows but will most likely be >1 billion within a year and continue to increase for a long time). The primary objective is ...
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Database in recovery mode

My database is entered in recovery mode due to power loss while executing query! I have tried a lot of queries but i am unable to resolve that problem
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sp_rename column and CDC

I have a table in a SQL Server 2019 instance which is being CDC tracked. However when I want to rename a column it failes with the error: Cannot alter column 'Columnn2' because it is 'REPLICATED. I ...
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SQL Server dependency on "CNG Key Isolation"

A few days ago, I freshly installed SQL Server 2019 Evaluation Edition using the media downloaded from the Microsoft's website, and subsequently noticed that a Windows service named "CNG Key ...
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