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Transactional replication not replicating with 'The process is running and is waiting for a response from the server' error after adding new article

I have a Transactional Replication setup which has been working fine for a long time. It is a Pull Subscription. I got a new requirement to replicate a large article which is 10GB. allow_anonymous &...
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LVM snapshot of MyISAM tables requires repair every time

I'm attempting to setup slave replication of a large MyISAM table. I login to the master server and perform FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK; SHOW MASTER STATUS and that returns right away with the ...
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SQL server replication conflicts

Once per week, a snapshot publication is done from a database "myDB" in PROD to "myDB" in PREPROD. Now in PREPROD we set up a transactional replication between "myDB" to ...
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Deleting old snapshots SQL

This may be a silly or dumb question but... We just changed the snapshot path and I was wondering if the cleanup job also clears up the old snapshots from the previous folder path or is it something ...
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Why can I not manually run more than one snapshot agent at a time

My organization has a SQL Server 2016 instance with multiple databases, and multiple publications/subscriptions for each database, in a transactional replication set-up. Occasionally, we need to ...
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SQL Server replication methodology

I have a relatively large production environment (150GB) in SQL Server, and I need to duplicate it somewhere else for querying (specifically: I need to create an environment identical to the ...
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Pre- and Post- Snapshot Replication Scripts Not Executing and No Errors

I have a Snapshot Replication Publication setup on Server 1. Server 2 subscribes to the publication on Server 1. Data is replicating successfully. The Distributor Agent and Agent job for the ...
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SQL Server Snapshot replication - Failing to start the Publisher snapshot agent

I am trying to set up a Snapshot replication using an Azure SQL Managed Instance. While trying to see the Snapshot Agent status, I see this error. Failed to connect to Azure Storage '' with OS error: ...
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