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Questions tagged [source-control]

Source control for database structural and code components.

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2 answers

About version control on the programming scripts of SQL Server, e.g., stored procedures and functions

We have an instance of SQL Server (MSSQL) version 2016, and the database contains programming scripts, e.g., stored procedures and functions. For the programming scripts of MSSQL, we wonder how to do ...
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Tool to Execute SQL Server Scripts and Automatically Recognize and Prompt for Scripting Variables [closed]

I have a folder of scripts that contain multiple objects and jobs that I roll out every time I deploy a new SQL Server Instance. The scripts utilize scripting variables, as an example, here is an ...
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Invalid object name 'ApexSQL.ApexSQL_SourceControl.Objects'

I was trialing Apex source control - trial ended. Uninstalled Apex (well I thought I did). Today I deleted the Apex database. Now I get Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Procedure ...
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Integrating Flyway and Github [closed]

I was wondering if any of you can share some experience regarding integrating Flyway and Git. We're currently developing a project, each sprint we need to make database changes for new features of ...
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Proper way to add new column in database

What is the proper approach when we add a new column into an existing table? For example, I already have columns like, Foo1, Foo2, Bar1, Bar2. Now I want to add a new column called Foo3. What is ...
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SQL SSDT Database Projects: Source Control Lookup Data

Does SQL Server SSDT Visual Studio 2017 Database Projects support Source control data for lookup tables, or do we still have to utilize messy Post-Deployment Merge Scripts for multiple tables? ...
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3 votes
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SQL TFS Visual Studio Solution: One Database or Multiple Databases [closed]

When creating a TFS Visual Studio 2017 solution with SQL Server 2016, should the solution contain one database project per solution, or multiple database projects in a single solution? Our system ...
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4 votes
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Revision Tracking & Source Control for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

What is a good approaching for tracking incremental changes to database tables, stored procedures, etc for Azure SQL Data Warehouse? I am in the process of moving a large database over to Azure SQL ...
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5 votes
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Visual Studio, GIT, and SQL Scripts [closed]

I am trying to figure out a way to have all of our random SQL scripts that we write under source control. I am already using SSDT for the database project. This is not for these sort of scripts. It is ...
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How do you install a TFS plugin for SQL Server 2016 Management Studio?

How do you install a TFS plugin for SQL Server 2016 Management Studio? The source control option is no longer in the option list so the existing workarounds no longer appear to work.
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How to develop a database (workflow)?

tl;dr: I know a few SQL semantics and I know how databases work (basically) but I never created one that had a considerable size. I lack of knowledge concerning workflow, SQL-code management and very ...
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0 answers

source control for SQL Agent Jobs

Our SQL Agent jobs execute different DTSX packages at various steps. e.g: \\DEVLserver\DTSX\package1.dtsx I want to keep the agent job script in TFS but when I promote it is there any way to change ...
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SELECTs in Database Change Log and Source Control

We are overhauling the way that we store our database in source control and keep a change log of it. I was reading the following article:, ...
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databases cross references baselines

We have on several databases on same instances, some stored procedures have references to tables on other databases. We are in the middle of a big project to take our database under source control. ...
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What's is the best way to get incremental changes from production to incrementally changed development database?

I came to a new dev team where all development is on the same (instance) of an SQL Server (2005) database once in 1-2 days restored from a current full backup of production database replacing a dev ...
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Branching Source Control at development

At my current employer, the developers are branching for development per story and merging for release in Git - and frankly I'm jealous. ...but I haven't been able to wrap my head around how a SQL ...
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19 votes
7 answers

Stored Procedures under Source Control, best practice

I am currently using Tortoise SVN to source control a .NET Web Application. What would be the best way to bring our SQL Server stored procedures into Source Control? I am currently using VS 2010 as my ...
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Deploying to an existing database from VS 2010 on TFS

I am trying to find a way in VS2010 to add a few objects to an existing database without scripting out all of the existing objects. This is a maintenance project that is adding a table, altering an ...
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With the advent of integrated source control, do stored procedure changes still need comments?

Back in the old days, my team had a policy that any stored procedure modification required comments in two places: Top of the stored procedure with an overall summary of the changes made Comments on ...
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Consolidating data changes in SQL Server by team

What is a good way to manage developers' data changes? I am using RedGate SQL Source Control to monitor changes to tables and stored procecures, so that when we do a production build, I can include ...
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TFS2010 for SSMS 2012

SSMS 2012 does not work with VSS 6. We installed modern source control, TFS 2010 server. Then I Installed Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010. However the only choice for Source control plug-...
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9 answers

Version control for database objects

The database our developers are working on is too large (have a lot of database objects). We have to control db objects changes (change management). Our company cannot have a person who would be ...
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3 answers

How to extract Procedure, Function, etc. Source Code from an Oracle Export

I have generated an EXPDAT.DMP file of an Oracle database with the command: exp userid=usr/pass@db owner=own rows=n compress=n I then ran the following command to generate a file containing the '...
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31 votes
5 answers

Is there a "best-practices" type process for developers to follow for database changes?

What is a good way to migrate DB changes from Development to QA to Production environments? Currently we: Script the change in a SQL file and attach that to a TFS work item. The work is peer-reviewed ...
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