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Questions tagged [sp-blitz]

sp_Blitz is a stored procedure that checks the health of your Microsoft SQL Server instance.

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Getting errors when installing and using sp_blitz with `sqlcmd.exe`?

I installed this third party thingy, sp_Blitz. sqlcmd -S localhost -U sa -i ./sp_Blitz.sql But when I run 1> EXEC sp_blitz; 2> go I get, Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate ...
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sp_Blitz says "Page Verification Not Optimal" on MDS database

I've run sp_blitz (version 45) on our test database server. It complains about Database [MDS] has TORN_PAGE_DETECTION for page verification. SQL Server may have a harder time recognizing and ...
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sp_Blitz, >1000 plans for CREATE PROCEDURE

I'm using Brent Ozar's sp_Blitz, and one of its results is this: Many Plans for One Query 1146 plans are present for a single query in the plan cache - meaning we probably have parameterization ...
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Use sp_Blitz to gather information on all servers in a centralized server/database

I am using sp_Blitz, and want to use it to execute the checks on all of my SQL Servers and have it write the results to a single table. Do I need to create linked servers on the central instance to ...
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SQL Server's "Total Server Memory" consumption stagnant for months with 64GB+ more available

I have run into an odd issue where SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition 64-bit has seemed to have capped itself off at precisely half of the total memory allocated towards it (64GB of 128GB). The output ...
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install FirstResponderKit in Azure SQL DB?

I've just downloaded the newest version (20190128) of FirstResponderKit from, and tried to install it on Azure SQL DB. I'm getting these errors: Msg 40515, Level 15, State 1, Procedure ...
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NUMA config - sp_blitz output

I'm trying to learn more about how SQL Server works with NUMA nodes as I noticed something in the output of sp_Blitz that I didn't understand: Node: 0 State: ONLINE Online schedulers: 8 Offline ...
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Database file ..._log has a max file size set to x MB. If it runs out of space, the database will stop working

I am using BrentOzar's SQL Server First Responder Kit since I fall under the category "developer who manages Microsoft SQL Servers. It's your fault if they're down or slow." One of the warning of ...
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I've been using sp_BlitzFirst and logging the results every 15 minutes for the past 5 days. Using the new Power BI report from, I'm seeing a VERY large range of ...
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sp_BlitzFirst - Wait Stats Interpretation

I have some BlitzFirst Wait Stats that look as follows: Is this the proper way to interpret this? During the 30 second sample, there were a total of 627.1 seconds of IO_Completion waiting, an average ...
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