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Questions tagged [sp-blitz]

sp_Blitz is a stored procedure that checks the health of your Microsoft SQL Server instance.

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sp_blitz fails with: Msg 468, Level 16, State 9 Cannot resolve collation conflict between "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" and "Latin1_General_BIN"

Has anyone had an issue with running sp_blitz on an instance using the Latin1_BIN collation? I created the stored procedure without error, but when I ran it I got the following error message: Msg 468, ...
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"Slow Storage Writes on Drive T" warning from sp_Blitz

We migrated our platform to new SQL Server 2016 instances a couple of nights ago. Immediately following the migration, we ran sp_Blitz again, but noticed the following entry, which relates to the ...
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sp_BlitzCache: Plan Cache 100% in last 4 hours

This is a re-post of my question here BlitzCache suggests there may be memory pressure, but I think there is another problem. I just don't know what that problem is! sp_blitzFirst @ExpertMode = 1; ...
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How to find DBCC events reported by sp_Blitz

sp_Blitz reports: Overall Events 7 DBCC events have taken place between Oct 14 2019 3:22PM and Nov 19 2019 12:24PM. This does not include CHECKDB and other usually benign DBCC events. How do I find ...
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FOR XML could not serialize the data for node 'col_definition'

looking for some help. I have just started looking at the Blitz stats but getting the following error. This is whilst running sp_BlitzIndex. I am using Version 7.2 (dated 28/01/2019). FOR XML ...
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Full Text Catalog Indexes Not Populating

I ran sp_Blitz on a server and it indicated that full text indexes were not populating. I got a list of the indexes that are not populating and looked at the definitions of the indexes. The syntax ...
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sp_blitz reporting both msdb backup history not purged and purged too frequently

Just downloaded the last version of sp_blitz from github, and have run it on two different database servers. On both of them it reports both of the following findings: MSDB Backup History Not Purged ...
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Objects created with dangerous SET Options in SSISDB

I recently updated my Brent Ozar first responder kit and ran sp_Blitz and it returned an alert: The [SSISDB] database has 107 objects that were created with dangerous ANSI_NULL or QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ...
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SQL Performance post virtualization - sp_blitz and latency info attached

Full disclosure, I'm a VMware admin. We're trying to virtualize a SQL server that handles pricing information for multiple customers. Up until now, it has been a physical system with local SSDs. ...
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