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sp_Blitz is a stored procedure that checks the health of your Microsoft SQL Server instance.

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I ran sp_Blitz and on the top I got: Finding: Poison Wait Detected: RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE Details: 0:12:36:38 of this wait have been recorded. This wait often indicates killer performance ...
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sp_Blitz Findings: SQL Server Last Restart is an hour before Server Last Restart

Result of sp_Blitz: Finding = “Server Last Restart” ; Details = “Feb 11 2017 5:48AM” Finding = “SQL Server Last Restart” ; Details = “Feb 11 2017 4:48AM” SQL Server Last Restart is the tempdb ...
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Use sp_Blitz to gather information on all servers in a centralized server/database

I am using sp_Blitz, and want to use it to execute the checks on all of my SQL Servers and have it write the results to a single table. Do I need to create linked servers on the central instance to ...
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easy upgrade of all sp_blitz-procs?

I wonder if you could make the upgrade of the procs easier and faster by providing a sqlcmd-skript or something which executes all sp_blitz[xxx].sql files. I first did a little sqlcmd-script myself (...
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sp_Blitz: Poison wait detected and too much free memory

We have a website for SolarWinds Orion which utilizes SQL and we've had many reports of slowness issues with the website. I ran sp_Blitz on the SQL box and I'm seeing these errors: Poison Wait ...
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sp_BlitzCache: Plan Cache 100% in last 4 hours

This is a re-post of my question here BlitzCache suggests there may be memory pressure, but I think there is another problem. I just don't know what that problem is! sp_blitzFirst @ExpertMode = 1; ...
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Arithmetic overflow error when using sp_Blitz

I am getting this error: Msg 8115, Level 16, State 2, Procedure sp_Blitz, Line 469 Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int. when running sp_Blitz in a server with 52 ...
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Does Page verification require downtime?

So I used sp_blitz and came across a suggestion to change verification to checksum. What I want to know is, would this step require any downtime?
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sp_BlitzFirst @AsOf Functionality Not Working?

I'm trying to run the sp_BlitzFirst stored procedure (using the 7/15/2016 version) with the @AsOf parameter, and I'm getting this error: EXEC sp_BlitzFirst @AsOf = '2015-02-23 18:45', @...
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sp_Blitz "Too Much Free Memory" on seldom-used SSRS instance

sp_Blitz (20160715) is reporting "Too Much Free Memory" on a seldom-used 2012 SP2 CU12 test instance (Developer Edition) that only contains the databases created and used by SSRS. The Details are: ...
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Blitz procedure failing [duplicate]

When I run the latest version of sp_blitz I get the following: Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation. Msg 1934, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_Blitz, Line 3467 ...
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Brent Ozar First Responder Kit filter

About once a week the query sp_Blitz @IgnorePrioritiesAbove = 50, @CheckUserDatabaseObjects = 0 shows "errors" with DB backups that are very old. It's correct to show this, but is it possible to ...
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CPU Schedulers Offline

I logged onto a new clients systems and ran sp_blitz to see what's shaking. It reports back that "CPU Schedulers Offline" which is a new one for me. Some CPU cores are not accessible to SQL Server ...
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sp_Blitz says "Page Verification Not Optimal" on MDS database

I've run sp_blitz (version 45) on our test database server. It complains about Database [MDS] has TORN_PAGE_DETECTION for page verification. SQL Server may have a harder time recognizing and ...
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Is there an actual problem in my storage IO or is the data incorrect?

Running SP_Blitz indicated that I have a slow read/write performance on my drives. Reading further, I eventually landed on this query to view the actual statistics of IO occurring on my drives: ...
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Do I have a memory issue?

I ran sp_Blitz that pointed me to a memory issue saying: Memory Dangerously Low The server has 32755 megabytes of physical memory, but only 235 megabytes are available. As the server runs ...
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Auto update stats turned off for a user database on SQL Server

While trying to improve the performance of few queries, we found via execution plan that there were lot of index / clustered index seeks. Therefore: First thing we did, was to check our Re-indexing ...
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dbo.DTA_* tables in MSDB

I ran Brent Ozar's sp_blitz on one of my production server. IT tagged a few tables in the MSDB database as being user created. They all follow the pattern dbo.DTA_*. Do these table come with MSDB, ...
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