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Questions tagged [sp-blitzcache]

For questions about the SQL Server plan cache analysis script by the Brent Ozar Unlimited team

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sp_BlitzCache detecting thousands of executions of CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.CommandExecute (from Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution) [duplicate]

I recently implemented the Maintenance Solution as a nightly job in my company's database, via Windows Scheduler. It works as intended, except for one issue - the procedures are being created ...
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sp_BlitzCache and encrypted procedure

I went on to run sp_BlitzCache in a production SQL Server 2014 server and I can see the procedures displayed, being reported as: "We couldn't find a plan for this query." I have a feeling ...
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sp_BlitzCache and SPID

I'm using sp_BlitzCache and it's very helpful, I ran this command: Sp_BlitzCache @SortOrder = 'duration'; GO How do you relate the query with a SPID as I found the query with the longest duration? So ...
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sp_BlitzCache doesn't monitor databases under availability group

I'm using the latest version of sp_BlitzCache to capture some performance issues and slow runnig queries, but it seems the sp doesn't check or monitor databases that belong to an availability group, ...
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Can a server wide setting of 'Max Degree of Parallelism' = 1 cause Brent Ozar's sp_BlitzCache to flag execution plan as 'forced-serialization'?

I am using Brent Ozar's sp_BlitzCache store procedure and I'm attempting to nail down why it is reporting: "Something in your plan is forcing a serial query. Further investigation is needed if ...
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Parameter Sniffing and Multiple Plans in Cache

We have a multi-tenanted database. FirmID is the partition key and we have lots of different firms. I am running into a parameter sniffing issue and I am having a heck of a time getting around it. I ...
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How to query cached plans that contain a specific missing index?

I see a potential missing index for a table but would like to first query all cached plans that have that specific missing index (so I can later test those queries after the new index is built). How ...
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Interpreting sp_BlitzCache: # Executions but since when?

I'm getting started with sp_BlitzCache (which is amazing!) and trying to understand the results better. When does the # Executions count from? e.g. if it says 343 executions is that today, since ...
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sp_Blitzcache doesn't return as many results as sys.dm_exec_query_stats for a given query

I am trying to find plans for a particular set of queries (those that update MyTable) using sp_blitzcache: EXEC sp_Blitzcache @SlowlySearchPlansFor = 'UPDATE [My Table]' this returns 3 results, ...
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many of the same queries on the query plan - whats the pros and cons of Forced Parameterization in this scenario?

while working on finding all the queries in the query plan that are related to a particular index I realised that there were too many duplicates of the same queries on the query plan. Finding what ...
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sp_BlitzCache and cursors

I'm running sp_BlitzCache (Brent Ozar) to get some information about database performance. The program that "attacks" this database uses cursors everywhere, so sp_BlitzCache gives me several lines ...
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sp_blitzCache results Memory grants

I am running SQL Server 2012 and and using the March 2019 release of sp_blitzCache to analyze some slow running queries on the system. I have executed the stored procedure with parameter @SortOrder = ...
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sp_blitzCache against one stored procedure

Recently we started using sp_BlitzCache to help us tune our queries. We found one SP that had some issues with it and we were able to refactor it successfully. I have a copy of the output of ...
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Can sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, or sp_BlitzFirst identify what queries caused a major growth operation to occur on a particular log file?

I'm currently logging the outputs of sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, and sp_BlitzFirst regularly (via SQL jobs). A particular database's log file grew somewhat exponentially and I believe I can see the ...
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sp_BlitzCache gives a "divide by zero error encountered."

After updating to First Responders Kit 20180901, I have a job that runs every 15 minutes and calls sp_BlitzFirst: EXEC [DBA Maintenance].[dbo].[sp_BlitzFirst] @OutputDatabaseName = 'DBA ...
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SQL Server 2016 - ReportServer - sp_BlitzCache

Does it ever make sense to try to tune queries in the ReportServer database behind SSRS? Diagnostic tools such as sp_BlitzCache indicate possible issues, but I've a tendency not to futz with that ...
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sp_BlitzCache throws Table DML warning on temp tables

I have been using sp_BlitzCache to troubleshoot some performance issues on a client's SQL Server 2012 instance. I am running: EXEC sp_BlitzCache @ExpertMode=1, @SortOrder = 'reads'; And one of the ...
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SQL Server sp_BlitzCache - Many Plans for One Query

I'm in need of a bit of assistance. I ran sp_Blitz on one of my SQL Servers and one of the results it returned is "1531 plans are present for a single query in the plan cache - meaning we probably ...
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Occasional error when running sp_BlitzFirst [closed]

I have set up sp_BlitzFirst to run as a job (for the PowerBI Dashboard). Occasionally, when it runs, it gets the following error: Msg 8152, Sev 16, State 13, Line 2980 : String or binary data would ...
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sp_BlitzCache Fails When writing to Table

I'm attempting to run sp_blitzcache version 5.8 on sql server 2012 SP3 with following parameters: EXEC sp_BlitzCache @SortOrder = 'CPU', @Top = 10, @ExpertMode =...
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SQL maximum memory limit exceeded

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP1) (KB3182545) Server Memory : 61GB SQL Server Max Memory : 56320 MB I have three database (OneDB,TwoDB,ThreeDB) in the my production environment. I ...
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sp_BlitzCache slow results on @SortOrder='cpu'

I've been using sp_BlitzCache to investigate a few problems with a DB of mine for a few days. It's been a huge help, but just today it started acting a little odd and I'm curious if anyone has any ...
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sp_BlitzCache install syntax errors

Trying to install sp_BlitzCache on SQL Server 2008, I get: Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure sp_BlitzCache, Line 2705 Incorrect syntax near '.'. Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure ...
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Most of the query plans recreated in the past 4 hours

I have got a problem with my SQL Server database's performance. I have found this tool sp_BlitzCache. After command's executing, I got this statement: You have 92.00% plans created in the past 24 ...
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sp_BlitzCache error

I've downloaded and installed sp_BlitzCache on my production server but it gave me the following error: Msg 208, Level 16, State 0, Procedure sp_BlitzCache, Line 1850 [Batch Start Line 0] Invalid ...
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Error running sp_BlitzCache (v5.2)

I've installed sp_BlitzCache (and others) from the First Responder Kit, and I am receiving the following error: EXEC sp_BlitzCache; Msg 208, Level 16, State 0, Procedure sp_BlitzCache, Line 3878 [...
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Error when I run sp_BlitzCache specifying an output db, schema, and table

I am using sp_BlitzCache version 4.1 (20161210) and executing it on a 2008R2 instance (10.5.4042). If I execute the sp without the @OutputDatabaseName, @OutputSchemaName, and @OutputTableName, it ...
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Sp_BlitzCache 678 not writing to table

Version 678 from github is displaying results in SSMS query window as expected but not creating a table, using the following commands: USE DBAResources; GO EXEC dba.sp_BlitzCache @Top=10, @...
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