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Spider : MariaDB's Sharding Storage Engine

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MariaDB always failed shutdown

Versions : CentOS 7.8 10.4.14-MariaDB Using MariaDB SPIDER engine for 1 of the table Variables : log_error=/var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log symbolic-links=0 innodb_thread_concurrency=32 ...
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Result rows duplicated by spider engine

I've two mysql server 'G0' and 'G1'. And there is a one row test table on them respectively. G0: mysql> select * from test.t1; +----+--------+ | id | node | +----+--------+ | 1 | DB-G0 | +----...
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What is the meaning of MariaDB `mysql`.`servers` table constraint?

I am using SPIDER engine to access a remote table from within my MariaDB database, which requires a server definition in mysql.servers table created via CREATE SERVER statement. I noticed that this ...
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MariaDB SPIDER engine

I am trying to include just one table from another MariaDB server (lets call it A) into the database on another (even physical) server (lets call it B). And I came up with the conclusion that SPIDER ...
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MariaDB Spider sharding: automatic XA commit?

I'm planning to use Spider to shard my huge table across multiple backend nodes. What I'd like to do, is inserting on the Spider node(s) on the virtual big table, and Spider have it distribute it for ...
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MariaDB Spider Engine UDF spider_bg_direct_sql can't find TEMPORARY table

I am testing the Spider engine in MariaDB. In version mariadb-10.1.12-linux-x86_64 the UDF works, but there are some issues so I want to upgrade to a newer version. However, mariadb-10.2.18-linux-...
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Expanding MariaDB cluster (sharding)

I have an expanding MariaDB 3 node cluster and need to expand the available storage. Each node has (to make the maths slightly easier) 120Gb of database storage. As this is replicated, the total DB ...
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MariaDB Spider Engine Out of Memory

I had almost standard MariaDB with InnoDB engine working fine but I wanted to test out the Spider Engine + Sharding/Partitioning. I had a query which was passing fine on the MariaDB InnoDB for 15-...
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